Full support for cartoonist Bennett and other letters to the editors

Full support for cartoonist Bennett and other letters to the editors

June 19th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Full support for cartoonist Bennett

I have just read the latest in a long line of Republican missives in which the author is frothing at the mouth in fury over the liberal and "tasteless" cartoons of Clay Bennett. Could it be that the cartoons are really all that bad? Or could it be that Chattanooga Republicans simply cannot stand to have anybody laughing at their foolishness? Put me down as a supporter of Mr. Bennett.


Disturbing actions from the president

America is under assault, and this is not coming from enemies abroad, it is coming from within. Sadly, it is our own president who is leading the way. Our founding fathers constructed a genius of a constitution. They built in checks and balances with three branches: the legislative, judicial and executive branches. No branch could become too powerful as long as the others were vigilant and watchful. Our president has demonstrated that he is eager to work well outside of his constitutional boundaries. Too often he has brazenly taken actions that he had no authority to take. And most shockingly, there have been few voices raised in passionate protest to these actions. Just a few examples: On many occasions, he has changed provisions of the Affordable Care Act. Congress is the only branch that is allowed to enact such changes. Most recently, he enacted new strict guidelines from the EPA. He did this without any vote of Congress. Again he gets only a whimper of protest. This is how aggressive leaders in other countries were allowed to rise up rapidly and grab and amass full dictatorial powers. I find these and other actions by our president very disturbing.

JERRY JOHNS, Ringgold, Ga.

Vote for Joe Graham

I am writing this letter endorsing Joe Graham as our District 6 county commissioner. Joe has done a remarkable job in a short period of time in restoring representation to a neglected district from his predecessor, John Brooks. Joe has and continues to reach out to his constituents' needs throughout the entire district with enthusiasm and character that mirror his moral character and honest work ethic. Joe's attention to the fiscal accountability of government serves his district well. When it comes to the brass knuckles of politics, Joe will not bow to party but to the taxpayers first and always. I encourage everyone to exercise your right to get out and vote. Please do not stay home.


Against a chapel at Chattanooga State

I am very pleased with the positive effects Chattanooga State has on our community. It has been accomplishing enormous good without the need for a religiously oriented structure on campus, and I fail to see how such would enhance the future. Of course it would be built with private funds, but where would the funds come from to pay for utilities and maintenance at this public institution?

JOHN D. BECK, Ooltewah