No consensus on evolution and other letters to the editors

No consensus on evolution and other letters to the editors

March 8th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

No consensus on evolution

Many of your readers find evolution to be baloney. The evolutionists, not Bryan College's trustees, are the ones lost in the deep woods. Evolution -- the changing of one kind of animal over time into another kind of animal by mutation and natural selection (or any other means) -- has never been observed, not in the fossil record and not in animals today. Dog breeding and bacterial resistance to drugs are not evolution, by the way. Lab attempts to make evolution happen have all failed. Yet evolutionists fervently, even religiously, believe and pronounce that lizards turned into birds and rats changed into bears. But beliefs and pronouncements are not evidence of anything. Nor is a statement of "consensus" among scientists. Evolution is simply a vast belief system, on a level with reincarnation. Nobody has ever observed a spirit in an animal or plant, to our knowledge, but belief systems don't require supporting evidence. Sadly, science educators treat evolution as a sacred cow. For them, it cannot be much criticized or allowed to fail. Students should always demand evidence from them, and then hopefully this charade will stop. Bryan's position is consistent with the evidence, as well as Genesis. Bravo to the trustees.

RICK JAHN, Signal Mountain

Vote for Fleenor on May 6

I would like to voice my support for Pam McNutt Fleenor for Hamilton County Chancery Court judge in the Republican May 6 primary election. I have known Pam since high school and can attest to her dedication and moral compass. Pam has always been a person who possesses a warm, caring attitude toward people and has a deep love of her community and the need to make it a better place for all. Her passion for fairness and dignity for everyone will benefit the citizens of Hamilton County greatly. Pam strives for excellence in everything she does, and she earned many accolades throughout high school, college and law school. Pam is admired by all who know her, not only for her kind, compassionate spirit, but for her love and knowledge of justice. Hamilton County needs strong leadership, and Pam is definitely the one for the job.