Right-to-work and the Kochs - and more letters to the editors

Right-to-work and the Kochs - and more letters to the editors

March 12th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Right-to-work and the Kochs

Let me say a word or two about right-to-work laws.

Back in the good old 1850s a certain group of people had that ultimate right. In fact, they were encouraged and very highly motivated to do so. If their work met with approval, they usually got food and shelter.

Here is the real kicker: They did not pay one cent in taxes!

If too many people in the USA keep voting for tea-bag Republicans, most of us, including you and yours, may qualify to become just like that aforementioned group!

The one goal of GOPers is handing over the wealth of our country to folks such as Charles and David Koch. Without the Koch brothers' financing, there would be no tea party.

They pay out millions for their puppet GOP candidates' campaigns in order to profit from laws and decisions helping them to make more billions! The rest of us get a continuation of ever lower wages and more polluted air and water.

Our "wonderful" Sen. Bob Corker abused the power of his office to interfere with the democratic process at VW. There are two other VW plants in the world that have no worker organization. They are both in China!

WALTER M. BENTON, Signal Mountain

Vote lawmakers out of office

This is an election year and as always it is very important to elect people who will make us and the country a better place to live. Unfortunately, the voters go out and re-elect the same old tired politicians that only 10 percent of America is happy with.

It is very ironic that the day before the election Congress has a 10 percent approval rating, yet over 90 percent get re-elected. What is wrong here?

I have made a list of 11 viable reasons why we should not re-elect incumbents. It does not matter whether you are Republican, Democrat or other, simply do not put in someone who keeps this cycle going. I am going to post on the Internet these 11 reasons a few times before the November elections.

A two-term Congress would be the best answer, but guess who has to propose that law? They may be dumb, but they aren't stupid.

JACK PINE, Dunlap, Tenn.

Bennett out of tune with readers

I've been offended many times by Mr. Bennett's political drawings in the editorial section of the Chattanooga Times Free Press, but the one on Tuesday, March 4, was a new low even for him.

Mr. Bennett may be related to an ape as his drawing reflects, but I am not. God created man, not some chain of events from an ape. I promise you the vast majority of this newspaper's readers feel the same way as I do.

Why doesn't the Times Free Press hire someone more in tune with its readers rather than someone like Mr. Bennett who is always trying to print controversy in his drawings?

DAVID SNYDER, Ringgold, Ga.

Bennett misses the point

WWJDA indeed? In case you missed it, Mr. Bennett's recent cartoon asked, "Who would Jesus discriminate against?"

My question for him at the moment would be, "What could be a better example of harpooning yourself by dealing with a subject you know nothing about."

Simply replied to, Jesus does not discriminate. As the son of Jehovah God, his concern is with sin vs. righteousness. We "discriminate" ourselves by choosing to live in sin. Homosexuality is clearly defined as sin.

The umpire is not discriminating when he calls you out at home, no matter how artistically you may slide. It is popular today to try to believe that "born this way" relieves the individual from moral or any other responsibility.

If proof of the pudding is in the eating, the bad news is that there is no pudding. The human brain is a faulty organ, and our misplaced concern about "discrimination" is nothing more than glorifying a mental malfunction.


The state law on marriage

It is time for another spate of Letters to the Editor stating how God feels about gay marriage.

Before it starts in earnest, I took a minute and checked the Tennessee Constitution on the matter. For those who care, it is Title 6, Parts 1-5 that address who, when and how marriage is done in Tennessee.

For those who don't care to look it up, I can tell that nowhere in this section of our state's Constitution will you find Buddha, Allah, Yahweh, Pangu, Akal, God, Brahma, Yazad or any other deity. Our state treats marriage as a civil contract that creates obligations, gives responsibilities and grants privileges.

Since the laws governing marriage in the fine state of Tennessee are set by citizens, citizens are ones who can change them. No religion is required.


Letter correct on UAW vote

Kudos to the writer of a March 3 letter titled "The Power of the Wealthy," about the UAW/VW vote and organizations like Southern Momentum.

He hit the nail square on the head.

E.J. POWELL, Harrison