Think more about Jesus and other letters to the editors

Think more about Jesus and other letters to the editors

March 15th, 2014 in Opinion Letters

Think more about Jesus

The next time you are having a pity party or feeling sorry for yourself because no one else will feel sorry for you, why not sing "Jesus Loves Me" three times. Perhaps it will help you think about the suffering Jesus went through. So all who want to obey his teaching can one day go to heaven.


Don't favor illegal aliens

We're struggling to provide for our families and to give our children a college education. Salaries are abnormally low because of the bad economy. Competition for jobs is keen because there are too few jobs and too many workers. Many of these workers are illegal aliens. Nashville has responded to our plight by doing the unthinkable: Legislators are proposing to provide tuition at in-state rates for illegal aliens. This proposal is an insult to citizens, but what is most remarkable is the bill is co-sponsored by two Republicans, Richard Floyd and Todd Gardenhire. HB 1992, a Tennessee House bill, reads: "... undocumented alien[s] who are Tennessee residents and attend Tennessee schools for five years prior to graduating from high school, be charged in-state tuition at public institutions of higher education. -- Amends TCA Title 49." An omitted fact is that HB 1992 opens the doors for illegal aliens to be given preferential treatment as minorities in applying for grants and tuition waivers. All citizens must contact their representatives and demand they reserve opportunities for higher education to citizens of Tennessee and to track this bill to see how their representative votes on it. We need to know just who these representatives are representing.