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Published Feb. 16 2014

Bennett's Sunday cartoon, vote union or division, is ironic because where there's a union, there's division: management and labor, no...


Published Feb. 9 2014

It may be a bit cruel to run a photo of Peyton at the top of the front page the...


Published Feb. 2 2014

The president's State of the Union fiasco was the largest gathering of crooks under one roof in history.


Published Jan. 26 2014

Wasn't sure who to root for in the Super Bowl until Sherman opened his mouth at the end of the...


Published Jan. 19 2014

So Christie hugs Obama, October 2012. Outraged Republicans stay home from November elections. Romney loses, clears deck for Christie -...


Published Jan. 12 2014

Bennett's cartoon was poignant about unemployment benefits. It failed, however, to draw footsteps in the snow from a Democrat who...


Published Jan. 5 2014

When speaking about the calendar year please stop saying two thousand and fourteen - it's twenty fourteen.


Published Dec. 29 2013

Are the people who believe in God the only ones with no rights?


Published Dec. 22 2013

There is not and cannot be income equality because there isn't intelligence, education, effort and ethics equality.


Published Dec. 15 2013

Obamacare will fail because the young ideologues who thought they needed free contraceptives will not pay $3,000 for insurance they...


Published Dec. 8 2013

I do not qualify for "ObamaScare." The Republican state government is canceling my coverage on December 31. Now what do...


Published Dec. 1 2013

Please explain the idiocy of giving the disgraced, impeached, and disbarred ex-president Bill Clinton the Medal of Freedom.


Published Nov. 24 2013

People who get food stamps are branded as "takers." A million of our veterans get food stamps. Are they takers?


Published Nov. 17 2013

Republicans have their principles, and health care for poor people is not one of them.


Published Nov. 10 2013

Republicans are preoccupied with the unborn, but all the while they are depriving living, breathing children of food, health, and...


Published Nov. 3 2013

Obama, you really screwed up by spying on our allies. Who are you going to turn to when you need...


Published Oct. 20 2013

THINK OF THE money we would save if the government was really shutdown and all the politicians and bureaucrats were...


Published Oct. 13 2013

CONGRESS SHUTS down government, and families of fallen soldiers can't receive compensation for burials; yet, the House gymnasium remains open...


Published Oct. 6 2013

Government shuts down, stock market goes up. Is there a message here?


Published Sep. 29 2013

THE WHITE AMERICAN Al-Shabaab terrorist says jihad that kills defenseless women and children is fun. May Allah not have mercy...


Published Sep. 22 2013

MR. PRESIDENT, please set the record straight. Was the Syria agreement a snow job or Snowden job?


Published Sep. 15 2013

I VEHEMENTLY disagree with Ann Benton's summation of our political scene. The Democrats continue to do more to wreck this...


Published Sep. 8 2013

JUDGE NOT lest ye be Clay Bennett.