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The Rant

Published May. 8 2016

Whoever named Jennifer Aniston the "most beautiful woman" has never met my wife, my mother and my mother-in-law!

The Rant

Published May. 1 2016

We elected a peanut farmer, actor, draft dodger and community organizer. Trump will fit right in.

The Rant

Published Apr. 24 2016

Oxymoron personified is Sarah Palin talking about "the wisdom of the people."

The Rant

Published Apr. 17 2016

Republicans need to realize that there are lots of Democrats (like me) who would rather vote for Kasich than for...

The Rant

Published Apr. 10 2016

Trump or no Trump, why isn't the federal government already taxing $25 billion in remittances that illegal immigrants send home?

The Rant

Published Apr. 3 2016

To the reader critical of Harry Geller: He is a heroic lifesaver to people with loved ones who depend on...

The Rant

Published Mar. 27 2016

Thanks for your blood, Harry Geller. But do you have to tell the world every time you donate?

The Rant

Published Mar. 20 2016

On Trump's worst day he would be a better president than Obama has been. Trump does love the USA.

The Rant

Published Mar. 13 2016

The Hamilton County Board of Education makes me happy we home-school our kids.

The Rant

Published Mar. 6 2016

Rant Rule #3216: If you didn't vote in the election, you can't post.

The Rant

Published Feb. 28 2016

The Donald and that lyin' Canadian Cruzer both make Tricky Dick Nixon look like a candidate for sainthood.

The Rant

Published Feb. 21 2016

Chattanooga needs to stop its hypocrisy claiming it is a mecca for outdoor sports. Throw out a few snowflakes and...

The Rant

Published Feb. 14 2016

I don't get it. Obama's visit to a mosque is dividing Americans, but proposing to spy on all Muslims isn't?

The Rant: I love our country! It's the government that scares me.

Published Feb. 7 2016

News media are ratings junkies. The Donald is the drug. Forget about issues. Can we please have intelligent discussions about...

The Rant

Published Jan. 31 2016

Grateful shout-out to Peggy Townsend, Public Art Chattanooga and other good folks for bringing artist Meg Saligman and team to...

The Rant

Published Jan. 24 2016

Got something on your mind? Tell us about it in 25 words or fewer.

The Rant

Published Jan. 17 2016

President Obama said he would "fundamentally transform America." And he did. We are now a second-rate country. Nice work.

The Rant

Published Jan. 10 2016

Republican attempts to repeal Obamacare match Einstein's definition of stupidity: Doing the same thing repeatedly but expecting different results. This...

The Rant

Published Jan. 3 2016

Got something on your mind? Tell us about it in 25 words or fewer.

The Rant

Published Dec. 27 2015

If there really is a war on Christmas, I'm pretty sure Christmas is winning. The season is now at least...

'I love Xmas lights. They remind me of Obama voters' and more local rants

Published Dec. 20 2015

I cling to the hope that the majority of Americans will not elect someone as vile, vain or vacuous as...

'Can you say Herr Hitler Trump?' and more local rants

Published Dec. 13 2015

Got something on your mind? Tell us about it in 25 words or fewer.

Rants: Why do most Christians know more about Muslims than they do about Jesus?

Published Dec. 6 2015

In the spirit of the season, may we Rave rather than Rant? There is so much goodness in our city,...