GOP health bill all but dead; McCain again deals the blow

Published Sep. 22 2017

Sen. John McCain says he won't vote for the Republican bill repealing the Obama health care law.

Sen. Bob Corker: Campaign to end modern slavery is gaining momentum

Published Sep. 22 2017

Nearly three years after he started his campaign to end modern slavery around the world, Sen. Bob Corker is seeing...

Manafort offered to brief wealthy Russian during campaign

Published Sep. 20 2017

In the middle of Donald Trump's presidential run, then-campaign chairman Paul Manafort said he was willing to provide "private briefings"...


Trump administration considering even lower refugee limits

Published Sep. 20 2017

President Donald Trump is considering a further reduction in the number of refugees allowed into the United States as the...

In citizenship message, Trump welcomes immigrants to America

Published Sep. 20 2017

President Donald Trump has issued a videotaped message that is being played for new American citizens at naturalization ceremonies in...

UPDATE: In stark U.N. speech, Trump threatens to 'totally destroy North Korea'

Published Sep. 19 2017

President Donald Trump has vowed to "totally destroy North Korea" if the U.S. is forced to defend itself or its...

Internal watchdog says EPA mismanaging toxic site cleanups

Published Sep. 19 2017

Cleanups at some U.S. hazardous waste sites have stopped or slowed down because the Environmental Protection Agency does not manage...

GOP strains for Obamacare repeal votes in one last stand

Published Sep. 19 2017

Time growing short, President Donald Trump and Republican Senate leaders dove into a frantic hunt for votes Tuesday in a...

Sources: Trump encouraged Corker to run for Senate again

Published Sep. 19 2017

President Donald Trump is encouraging Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee to run for another term, according to two people familiar...

GOP expresses hope for Obamacare repeal bill, hurdles remain

Published Sep. 19 2017

Top Senate Republicans say their last-ditch push to uproot President Barack Obama's health care law is gaining momentum.

Trump and Macron take spotlight at UN but challenges are key

Published Sep. 19 2017

U.S. President Donald Trump and French leader Emmanuel Macron are expected to take the spotlight at the annual gathering of...

Federal lawsuit throws into question 30-day rule meant to protect victims

Published Sep. 19 2017

When Dorothy Woodward got into a car wreck last month, the Chattanooga Police Department did what it always does: An...

Senate overwhelmingly backs bill to pump $700 billion into military

Published Sep. 18 2017

The Senate has overwhelmingly approved a sweeping policy bill that would pump $700 billion into the military, putting the U.S....

Trump, lawmakers squabble over whether they struck a deal

Published Sep. 15 2017

The fate of 800,000 young immigrants hung in the balance as top lawmakers, White House officials and President Donald Trump...

Health care reform competition: GOP unveils long-shot effort; Sanders proposes 'Medicare for all'

Published Sep. 14 2017

Senators on Wednesday rolled out competing plans for the nation's health care system, with a group of GOP senators making...

Schumer, Pelosi announce deal with Trump to protect young immigrants brought illegally to U.S.

Published Sep. 13 2017

The top House and Senate Democrats said Wednesday they had reached agreement with President Donald Trump to protect thousands of...

Corker: National debt is growing crisis

Published Sep. 12 2017

Pushing toward the Republicans' prime goal of tax legislation, the GOP Senate leader and members of the Budget Committee are...

The Latest: Protesters gather before DeVos' Title IX speech

Published Sep. 7 2017

About two dozen protesters have gathered outside the auditorium where Education Secretary Betsy DeVos will speak about enforcement of rules...

Determining intent will be crucial in Menendez bribery trial

Published Sep. 7 2017

How a jury tackles the question of "why?" and not "what?" could hold the key to U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez's...

Senators seek bipartisan deal to shore up insurance markets

Published Sep. 6 2017

Senators are launching hearings to help Republicans and Democrats decide if they can forge a modest agreement to shore up...

U.S. House to vote on $7.9 billion Harvey relief bill

Published Sep. 6 2017

The House is swiftly moving to pass President Donald Trump's request for a $7.9 billion first installment of relief for...

Immigrants accuse Trump administration of betraying them

Published Sep. 6 2017

They grew up in America and are working or going to school here. Some are building businesses or raising families...

Gov. Haslam to give health care testimony in U.S. Senate

Published Sep. 6 2017

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam is traveling to Washington this week to testify in Congress.