Chicago experts leading Chattanooga paratriathlon training clinic

Published Apr. 20 2016

Chicago experts Dan Tun and Stacee Seay will be in Chattanooga this weekend to teach the physically challenged how to...

Mason Sims wins charity tournament, looks forward to Lee fly fishing

Published Apr. 14 2016

Gordon Lee High School senior Mason Sims is in his last year on the USA youth fly-fishing team and will...

Larry Case: Another reason to like shotguns

Published Apr. 14 2016

The guy on the phone was sincere and maybe a little embarrassed.

Tennessee Bike Summit returns to Chattanooga roots

Published Apr. 12 2016

The Tennessee Bike Summit is returning to its roots next week.

Times Free Press and Get Out Chattanooga present April's Outdoor Roundup [video]

Published Apr. 7 2016

David Cobb of the Chattanooga Times Free Press and Gabrielle Chevalier of Get Out Chattanooga Magazine present the Outdoor Roundup...

Larry Case: The turkey hunter is smart enough to know better, too dumb to care

Published Apr. 7 2016

Do you have a problem admitting when you're wrong about something? No? I didn't think so.

Eli Christman wins multiple state shooting championships

Published Apr. 7 2016

Soddy-Daisy High School junior Eli Christman continued his sensational shotgun success last weekend at Paris, Tenn.

Appalachian Trail: Your mileage may vary

Published Mar. 31 2016

Wes Wesson, an 81-year-old resident of Suches, Ga., has run an Appalachian Trail shuttle service for 28 years.

Larry Case: Exploring the troubles of trout

Published Mar. 31 2016

Spring comes, and a young man's fancy turns to trout?

Chattanooga Marathon runners get discount for next year

Published Mar. 24 2016

Runners who participated in this month's full Chattanooga Marathon will be eligible to run next year's event for $40, Chattanooga...

Larry Case: A shotgun approach to stress management

Published Mar. 17 2016

Maybe it's time for some true confessions from your humble outdoors scribe.

Chattanooga's oldest road race gears up for 49th year

Published Mar. 15 2016

Chattanooga's oldest active road race is gearing up for its 49th annual running with an infusion of local energy.


Larry Case: The curious case of the spring turkey hunter

Published Mar. 10 2016

In a landmark study published this week, scientists and psychologists from 12 U.S. states plus Canada and Mexico have disclosed...

Times Free Press and Get Out Chattanooga present March's Outdoor Roundup

Published Mar. 4 2016

David Cobb of the Chattanooga Times Free Press and Gabrielle Chevalier of Get Out Chattanooga Magazine present the Outdoor Roundup...

Case: Eva Shockey on target as advocate for female hunters

Published Mar. 3 2016

I am standing among throngs of people in a long line that does not seem to move. The Archery Trade...

Case: Timney's two-stage trigger a breakthrough for rifles

Published Feb. 25 2016

You may or may not see a pig fly, but the oldest trigger company in the world is going to...

Chattanooga's first 'Beer Mile' run set for today at Finley Stadium

Published Feb. 22 2016

Chattanooga already hosts two Ironman events, a few marathons and several other prominent recreation competitions that help comprise the city's...

Troopers say 4 cyclists hospitalized after being hit by car

Published Feb. 22 2016

The driver told ABC affiliate WTVD that a car coming in the opposite direction kept her from moving over. The...

Larry Case: Versatile mountain dogs good for hunters, families

Published Feb. 18 2016

Everything these days is so specialized. We require a particular gadget, gizmo or item for everything in life. Whether it's...

Larry Case: Not too early to talk turkey, is it?

Published Feb. 11 2016

Here's something you may already know about me: I don't plan things very well.

Petty: Cold-weather fishing heats up at Lake Junior

Published Feb. 11 2016

Despite traffic noise from Highway 153 and Amnicola Highway, visitors to TVA's Lake Junior remained focused on one thing on...

Local running store created timelapse video of Chattanooga Marathon course.

Published Feb. 5 2016

A local running store created a timelapse video of the Chattanooga Marathon course.

Georgia man accused of beating an injured deer with a textbook

Published Feb. 5 2016

Arkansas game and fish officials filed complaints against three Georgia men and warned an Arkansas woman after a video showed...