Wild Trails Race Series expanding again in 2016

Published Dec. 24 2015

As the Lookout Mountain 50 Miler and 10k ended a full 2015 season for the Wild Trails Race Series last...

Larry Case: Many work together to make bear hunt special

Published Dec. 17 2015

Guess I better let you know right from the start that I have been a little down about my fellow...

Larry Case's The Trail Less Traveled: Deer management is a plus for hunters

Published Dec. 3 2015

Without a doubt, we (I readily include myself here) can be one of the most stubborn, obstinate and — dare...

12-year-old cheerleader kills 200-pound wild hog

Published Dec. 3 2015

Raleigh Hooper already has racked up two deer in this year's Georgia season.

Larry Case's The Trail Less Traveled: Forget the controversy, try a crossbow if you want

Published Nov. 26 2015

Most of us don't like arguments and controversy, but I have known several individuals (maybe you have, too) who seem...

Larry Case's The Trail Less Traveled: Spirit of the hunt lives on

Published Nov. 19 2015

He pondered not even going this year. That he dared to think this shocked him. In the past 47 years,...

Hager, Turchin win Battlefield Marathon

Published Nov. 15 2015

Jon Hager works as a death investigator and teaches forensic science, but he said it was just a coincidence that...

Larry Case's The Trail Less Traveled: Debating baiting and other hunting ethics

Published Nov. 12 2015

Don't know about you, but I have never been a big fan of the ancient Greeks. I know they are...

Bicyclists stage ride in support of controversial bike lanes

Published Nov. 10 2015

The 'Bikes Mean Business Slow Ride' is slated to begin at 5:30 at Rock/Creek at the Block, according to a...

Head of the Hooch could draw 20,000 spectators to Chattanooga's waterfront

Published Nov. 5 2015

This year's Head of the Hooch will feature an appearance by the Stmpfli Express, a 144-foot-long behemoth made of three...

Larry Case's The Trail Less Traveled: Exploring the mysteries of the rut

Published Nov. 5 2015

Most deer hunters are a little crazy.

Proposed bike park under Olgiati Bridge would be regional trend-setter, expert says

Published Nov. 2 2015

A nationally recognized bike park planner was in town today to meet with the public and local officials about a...


Case's Trail Less Traveled: Newcomers add perspective to fall turkey hunts

Published Oct. 22 2015

I didn't shoot any turkeys last week.

Workers master high-line skills to move Bald River Trail rocks

Published Oct. 8 2015

Most hikers never think about the Pythagorean theorem when making their way along a trail. However, in many cases, someone...

Privateer Yacht Club hosting Masters for MC Scows

Published Oct. 1 2015

Scow now, and how.

Larry Case's The Trail Less Traveled: Take some time for squirrel hunting

Published Oct. 1 2015

Slowly, slowly, he eased his right foot down. Easy, gently, his hunting brain told the foot.

Chattanooga to host Ironman 70.3 world championships in 2017

Published Sep. 29 2015

Chattanooga will host the 2017 Ironman 70.3 men's and women's world championships, the Chattanooga Visitor's Bureau announced today.

Chattanooga area wrestling coaches out to take down Ironman

Published Sep. 27 2015

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga wrestling coach Heath Eslinger helped the Mocs put opposing wrestlers through misery over the years,...

Outdoors notes: Sandhill crane hunt drawing set for Oct. 3

Published Sep. 24 2015

Tennessee is coming up on its third season for hunting the sandhill cranes that are celebrated every winter with a...

Larry Case's The Trail Less Traveled: Browning's 1911 pistol changed everything

Published Sep. 24 2015

"An unarmed man can only flee from evil, and evil is not overcome by fleeing from it." — Col. Jeff...

River Rescue volunteer effort set for Oct. 3

Published Sep. 17 2015

For the past 26 years, hundreds of volunteers in the Chattanooga area have walked, canoed and motorboated to the shores...

Case: Testing the values of youth hunting

Published Sep. 10 2015

Frequent readers of my column know I'm always honest. Sometimes this isn't easy. There may be things you don't want...

Join new columnist Larry Case on The Trail Less Traveled

Published Sep. 3 2015

It's best just to be honest from the start.