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Opinion - Free Press Editorials

Cooper's Eye on the Left: Political correctness run amuck

Published Aug. 15 2016

Today, a painting of an early 19th-century fur trading fort and another of settlers and American Indians paddling canoes have...

Cooper: Warning us against Trump

Published Aug. 14 2016

Members of supposedly unbiased media organizations have begun to shuck their cloaks of nonpartisanship in front of God and everybody...

Cooper: Leave alcohol out of parks

Published Aug. 13 2016

With all due respect to the desire to increase county revenue, we hope Hamilton County commissioners next week will reject...


Cooper: Another Riverwalk jewel

Published Aug. 13 2016

Don't let the industrial area the new, 3.5-mile extension of the Chattanooga Riverwalk wanders through fool you.

Cooper: Proposed new name 'midTown' doesn't quite fit Brainerd

Published Aug. 12 2016

We're scratching our heads a bit on the drive to change the name of the Brainerd Road corridor community that...

Cooper: Rural broadband access ahead

Published Aug. 12 2016

Hang on, those of you in the broadband wilderness, help may be on the way.

Cooper: Medal of Honor center meeting wasn't railroaded

Published Aug. 10 2016

A number of concerned citizens left the Chattanooga Theatre Centre last week feeling as if they had been railroaded in...

Cooper: Let the turnaround of Hamilton County schools begin now

Published Aug. 9 2016

On Thursday, the Hamilton County Schools system begins its 2016-17 school year. By the time it ends next May, we...

Cooper: Eye on the left/Yes, It's Come To This

Published Aug. 8 2016


Cooper: Satisfied with the economy?

Published Aug. 7 2016

The Great Recession ended five months after President Barack Obama took office, but many Americans still have experienced little or...

Cooper: Mayor Andy Berke's election 'results' mixed

Published Aug. 6 2016

Observations from the last 2016 election before November's presidential contest between the two least liked candidates in modern history sucks...

Cooper: Hamilton County voters want board accountability

Published Aug. 5 2016

Hamilton County residents spoke with their votes about the state of their school system Thursday, ousting three incumbents and ushering...


Free Press endorsements for Hamilton County general, Tennessee primary elections

Published Aug. 4 2016

This is the primary election for Republican and Democratic candidates in state races and the Hamilton County general election for...

Cooper: Firing range action underway

Published Aug. 3 2016

The fact contractors toured the Moccasin Bend law enforcement firing range Tuesday and will submit bids by next Thursday on...

Cooper: When music can unify

Published Aug. 3 2016

We are under no illusion that music can cure all racial ills, but neither are we blind to its healing,...

Cooper: Give heritage center at Coolidge Park the go-ahead

Published Aug. 2 2016

What better use of one-tenth of an acre of Coolidge Park can there be than a heritage center that honors...

Cooper's eye on the left: One Obama vote for Trump

Published Aug. 1 2016

President Barack Obama may have made an impassioned speech at the Democratic National Convention for Hillary Clinton to be elected...

Cooper: We've heard this all before

Published Jul. 30 2016

Hillary Clinton made American history at the Democratic National Convention Thursday night, then offered America a warmed-over version of what...

Cooper's Eye on the Left: Dean's Clinton Kool-Aid

Published Jul. 25 2016

When you have to drink the Kool-Aid to remain relevant, you drink the whole glass. That's what former Democratic presidential...

Cooper: Obama's lack of race-blind leadership worsens race relations

Published Jul. 24 2016

For the first time in Obama's presidency, a majority of Americans believe race relations have gotten worse under his tenure.

Cooper: Trump asks to be our 'Voice'

Published Jul. 23 2016

Donald Trump told potential presidential voters what they longed to hear in four short words Thursday night.


Cooper: Rural broadband needed now

Published Jul. 22 2016

A new study confirms what a bipartisan group of Tennesseans has been saying: that access to broadband Internet is vital...

Cooper: Counting the pork and bacon

Published Jul. 22 2016

As ever in politics, one person's pork is another person's crispy, delectable bacon.