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Opinion - Free Press Editorials

Cooper: Including school athletic facility costs at outset is needed

Published Sep. 30 2016

If Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger has his way, East Hamilton will be the last high school built locally where...

Cooper: Trump's missed opportunity [video]

Published Sep. 28 2016

If Americans tuned in to Monday night's first presidential debate to learn more about the policies Democrat Hillary Clinton or...

Cooper: Big first step for Chattanooga 2.0

Published Sep. 27 2016

If we could look 10 years in the future, we could determine whether the strategies formulated by the Chattanooga 2.0...


Cooper's eye on the left: 'What Has It Gotten You?'

Published Sep. 26 2016

The country's first elected black governor isn't necessarily backing Republican Donald Trump for president but believes Democrat Hillary Clinton may...

Cooper: Evangelicals and the election

Published Sep. 25 2016

Evangelical Christians have been given significant credit for making the difference in United States presidential elections that put Republicans Ronald...

Cooper: Ooltewah cover-up most egregious

Published Sep. 24 2016

One sentence in the just-released investigation of the December 2015 rape of an Ooltewah High School freshman gets at the...

Cooper: A Howard stadium dream

Published Sep. 23 2016

With actual work beginning Wednesday to remove three fire hydrants from the site of a potential new stadium for Howard...

Cooper: McCormick's effective leadership

Published Sep. 23 2016

It's refreshing, in a way, to hear a candidate say he is stepping down from a position to, in part,...

Cooper: Marijuana decriminalization is not for cities to decide

Published Sep. 21 2016

Too many questions remain unanswered for marijuana decriminalization to be seriously considered in individual Tennessee cities, but Nashville and Memphis...

Cooper: The Clintons and North Korea

Published Sep. 20 2016

A large piece of the puzzle has been missing from recent discussions about North Korea by the Democratic candidate for...

Cooper's eye on the left: Obamacare for illegals?

Published Sep. 19 2016

California voters will be able to vote on marijuana legalization in November, but the state's Democratic delegation may have started...

Cooper: Seeking sounder PILOTs

Published Sep. 18 2016

The Chattanooga City Council is expected to consider a resolution to renew the city's tax breaks for a housing program...

Cooper: Finding solidarity at Brainerd

Published Sep. 17 2016

The Brainerd Panthers football team made a decision several days ago to display a black power symbol during the playing...

Cooper: Obamacare users need a break

Published Sep. 16 2016

You know Democrats are getting desperate to defend the tanking Affordable Care Act when the best argument they have —...

Cooper: Tired of corporate escapees

Published Sep. 14 2016

On the annual proxy statement at Wells Fargo & Co. are words assuring shareholders and investors that the bank has...

Cooper: Are you a 'deplorable'?

Published Sep. 13 2016

Democrat Hillary Clinton gang-insulted more than 30 million people late last week by terming half of Republican Donald Trump's supporters...

Cooper's eye on the left: Kayoing Kaepernick gesture

Published Sep. 12 2016

Kayoing Kaepernick gesture

Cooper: The candidates, St. Teresa and us

Published Sep. 11 2016

What we miss in the recently canonized Mother Teresa is what we we don't see in the leading contestants for...

Cooper: Ooltewah rape suit adds to board woes

Published Sep. 10 2016

As if selecting a new superintendent and shepherding policies and strategies that will move students forward weren't enough, the Hamilton...

Cooper: The U.S. loss of influence

Published Sep. 10 2016

Since President Richard Nixon intervened on the side of Israel during the 1973 Yom Kippur War with Egypt and Syria,...

Cooper: Hamilton County commissioner pay oddity

Published Sep. 9 2016

Hamilton County commissioners did an odd thing Wednesday. In effect, they voted to raise the pay of previous commission chairmen...

Cooper: Durham, Armstrong should quit

Published Sep. 9 2016

We'd like to believe two men who had the honor of being elected to the Tennessee legislature by their fellow...

Cooper: Mayor Andy Berke's scattershot approach

Published Sep. 8 2016

Many Chattanoogans don't feel whatever progress has been made in the last four years has been made with them in...