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Opinion - Free Press Editorials

Cooper: Eye on the left: Why not enforce the law?

Published Dec. 5 2015

When a high-level administration official says for the record that following the law is not the right thing to do,...

Cooper: Prayer Shaming A New Low

Published Dec. 4 2015

When someone jams a microphone in your face and asks for your reaction to a shooting about which scant details...

Cooper: An injustice done to towing companies will be righted with introduced bill

Published Dec. 4 2015

An injustice done to towing companies will be righted with a bill introduced by U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann, R-Chattanooga, and...

Cooper: Offering former felons a chance

Published Dec. 4 2015

If Chattanooga city human resources officials do their jobs, removing questions about criminal record from the job application form won't...

Cooper: Being charitable and being smart

Published Dec. 2 2015

Charitable giving reached a record high in 2014 and is likely to do so again this year.

Cooper: The rhetoric of climate change

Published Dec. 1 2015

Over the next two weeks, Paris will lead the world in rhetoric as 150 leaders from various countries attempt to...

Cooper: Americans and the role of government

Published Nov. 29 2015

Less than a year out from the 2016 presidential election, a new national survey by Pew Research Center provides a...

Cooper: Putting 'Christ' In Christmas

Published Nov. 27 2015

If you like tools and you want to keep Christ in Christmas, you're in luck. Lowe's is on the American...

Cooper: Thankful for city's renaissance in past 25 years

Published Nov. 26 2015

Chattanoogans who have lived in the city for fewer than 25 years may not know what they missed in such...

Cooper: Obama wobbly when the country needs strength

Published Nov. 24 2015

People want to believe their presidents. They do.

Cooper: Guns and suspected terrorists

Published Nov. 24 2015

It makes sense that terror suspects should be prevented from buying guns, right?

Eye on the Left: 'Lego' of our children

Published Nov. 23 2015

Not even your kindergarten children are safe.

Cooper: Immigration, it's not 1979 anymore

Published Nov. 22 2015

If the United States had an immigration policy it enforced, the Syrian immigration crisis might be easier to sort out.

Cooper: Desperate Times For UAW

Published Nov. 21 2015

Evidently, for the United Auto Workers, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Cooper: School smoking ban a good step

Published Nov. 21 2015

Violence is little tolerated in Hamilton County Schools. But smoking? That's OK for students as long as it's outside and...

Cooper: Art of a cigarette tax proposal

Published Nov. 20 2015

If a cigarette tax is important enough to consider, it's important enough to be discussed publicly.

Eye on the left - No Endorsement For Clinton From Sister Souljah

Published Nov. 16 2015

Hip-hop icon Sister Souljah, who was upbraided by candidate Bill Clinton in the 1992 presidential campaign when she suggested a...

Cooper: GOP presidential debate coverage hardly objective

Published Nov. 15 2015

In late September, a Gallup poll said trust in the mass media had tied an historical low.

Cooper: 'Killing Reagan' subject unknown to those who served with him

Published Nov. 14 2015

The biggest problem with "Killing Reagan," the fifth in a series of best-selling "Killing" books by top-rated Fox News host...

Cooper: VRI and the DA -- a happy marriage?

Published Nov. 13 2015

No one ever said it would be easy.

Cooper: GOP debate finally all business

Published Nov. 12 2015

Although 2016 Republican presidential candidates must continue to differentiate themselves from their rivals on the road and in various debates,...

Cooper: Veterans Day -- what Lincoln can see

Published Nov. 11 2015

The stone statue of the man who sits in the Lincoln Memorial and looks outward at the Washington Monument and...

Cooper: Obama's Keystone decision shortsighted

Published Nov. 10 2015

The political decision Friday by President Barack Obama to reject the Keystone XL pipeline is just as shortsighted as the...