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Opinion - Free Press Editorials

The Free Press recommends these candidates

Published Nov. 8 2016

In today's election, among contested national, state and Hamilton County races, the Chattanooga Free Press editorial page endorses:

Cooper: Boys' charter school a good move

Published Nov. 8 2016

For many parents in Chattanooga's most struggling neighborhoods, the announcement of the creation of an all-boys Chattanooga Prep School is...

Cooper: Your country depends on you

Published Nov. 6 2016

It's time to buckle our seat belts and prepare for the next four years of a president at least half...

Cooper: States not on same page during early voting

Published Nov. 5 2016

A record-breaking 1,675,679 people voted early in Tennessee, Secretary of State Tre Hargett announced Friday, eclipsing by nearly 1 million...

Cooper: Odd bedfellows in commission race

Published Nov. 5 2016

Nearly $40,000 in campaign contributions have been made in the last four months to two men seeking a County Commission...

Cooper: Kirk Kelly referendum is set

Published Nov. 4 2016

Well, that didn't take long. As we speculated last week, Hamilton County Board of Education members will vote on Nov....

Cooper: Democratic supporters not 'going high'

Published Nov. 4 2016

Local Democratic Party supporters appear to have forgotten first lady Michelle Obama's admonition to go high in their campaigns.

Cooper: Things are good but could be better is the takeaway from city survey

Published Nov. 2 2016

When people don't like what data shows, they criticize the methodology in compiling the data.

Cooper: Clinton can only blame herself

Published Nov. 1 2016

In early July, Democrats were full of praise for FBI Director James Comey, who found no reason to charge presidential...

Cooper's eye on the left: Clinton's wasteful spending spree

Published Oct. 31 2016

By now, most voters in the country know Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton could list very few foreign policy accomplishments...

Cooper: Desmond Doss an example for us all

Published Oct. 30 2016

Even as Medal of Honor recipient Desmond Doss sat in his small frame house in the Rising Fawn community of...

Cooper: School board end-around derailed

Published Oct. 29 2016

The Hamilton County Board of Education has hired a search firm to help it select a new superintendent, but what...


Cooper: Can Atlas help hold up Volkswagen?

Published Oct. 29 2016

Volkswagen hopes it will hit the American car buyer's sweet spot with its new Atlas sport utility vehicle.

Cooper: Going beyond the aquarium

Published Oct. 28 2016

Chattanooga's 24-year-old Tennessee Aquarium is a visual feast of otters which play, fish that dart, alligators that glide and butterflies...

Cooper: Wanting What Mr. Cub Had

Published Oct. 26 2016

Today, with the first game of the 2016 World Series between the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians in the...

Cooper: Life Care Case A Warning

Published Oct. 26 2016

Life Care Centers of America agreed Monday to pay the Department of Justice $145 million to settle claims the company...

Cooper: Melody Shekari's photo manipulation has no place in campaign

Published Oct. 25 2016

We had thought better of Melody Shekari.

Cooper: Commissioners And Herding Cats

Published Oct. 25 2016

Can we all get along?

Cooper's eye on the left: Obama blaming Millennials for Obamacare shortcomings

Published Oct. 24 2016

Since the dawn of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, it was evident that for the law to have any...

Cooper: Hamilton County school board needs clear focus

Published Oct. 22 2016

The lack of focus in Thursday's meeting, in which members struggled to discuss the specifics of both issues after having...

Cooper: Republican Senate hopes improve

Published Oct. 22 2016

The certainty Democrats once had of flipping the United States Senate from Republican control is fading, and the GOP looks...


Cooper: Most important part of debate was not Trump's statement about election results

Published Oct. 21 2016

The two forecasts for the country couldn't be more different. But such sedate discussions do not make headlines — not...

Cooper's eye on the left: WikiLeaks exposes Clinton campaign

Published Oct. 17 2016

While traditional big media keep an eye on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to see if he is unable to...