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Opinion - Free Press Editorials

Try walking in their shoes

Published Mar. 17 2015

If we watched enough "CSI" and "Law & Order," we know pretty much all there is to know about police...

Eye on the Left: 'Have a blessed day'

Published Mar. 16 2015

How can I be offended today?

Putting eyes on the iZone

Published Mar. 15 2015

New Tennessee Commissioner of Education Candice McQueen toured three Hamilton County schools Friday but not the ones you might expect....

Regulatory champagne

Published Mar. 14 2015

The 400 pages are just the beginning.

Roads plan intriguing

Published Mar. 14 2015

A roundabout that is part of a $15 million downtown traffic corridor reconfiguration has the potential to solve what has...

BEP 3.0 ahead?

Published Mar. 14 2015

If Gov. Bill Haslam and the state legislature can craft a plan that funds schools at the level expected from...

Peaceful Protest A Lost Art?

Published Mar. 13 2015

As Americans, we believe in the right of peaceful protest -- that we can have our say against something we...

GOP Iran letter an unneeded feint

Published Mar. 11 2015

"Herding Cats." That's what former U.S. Sen. Trent Lott, R-Miss., called his 2005 political biography. ...

Hurley deserving of honor

Published Mar. 10 2015

Mai Bell Hurley will be honored tonight by ArtsBuild with the 2015 Ruth Holmberg Arts Leadership Award for her contributions...

PILOT needs a 'physical'

Published Mar. 10 2015

The Hamilton County Commission will evaluate its PILOT (payment in lieu of taxes) program in a committee meeting Thursday. ...

Habitat for Humanity is showing the way

Published Mar. 10 2015

Later this week, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Chattanooga will cut the ribbon on the 250th house it has built...

Eye on the left: Blame ISIS On Climate Change

Published Mar. 9 2015

Forget everything you've heard, thought or imagined. The rise of the Islamic State may have its roots in climate change.

Google is going to start determining what truth is, and why that's downright scary

Published Mar. 8 2015

Internet search engine Google is considering the possibility of offering a system of ranking search results that sounds like something...

Let The People Have Their Say

Published Mar. 7 2015

Hamilton County commissioners should have spent more than 20 minutes Thursday debating whether to allow people to speak at commission...

Not The America They Remember

Published Mar. 7 2015

People today see their faith eviscerated daily by pundits and politicians.

Give Low-Income Families A Choice

Published Mar. 6 2015

It's time to test a school voucher system in Tennessee, and a bill that would create such a system passed...

Clinton's compliance 'spirit'

Published Mar. 4 2015

A high-ranking public servant using a personal rather than government email account to send correspondence sounds minor on the surface,...

Nuclear time flies

Published Mar. 4 2015

Liberal U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., like many of her Democratic colleagues, had little good to say about the speech...

A legacy of Tennessee Temple crusaders

Published Mar. 4 2015

Although the local doors of Tennessee Temple University will close at the end of this academic year, the reach of...

CPAC pick Paul hardly inevitable for 2016

Published Mar. 3 2015

A third straight presidential straw poll win at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference(CPAC) gathering might be expected to give...

Eye On The Left: Media Polishes Knives For GOP

Published Mar. 2 2015

When it comes to potential Republican presidential candidates, when you're at the top of any poll, you become the target...

Hate Pool Big Enough For All

Published Mar. 1 2015

The Southern Poverty Law Center purports to be an organization that, according to its website, fights hate, teaches tolerance and...

Net Neutrality And Chocolate Doughnuts

Published Feb. 28 2015

Net neutrality is a bit like a sugary, glazed, iced doughnut.