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Opinion - Free Press Editorials

Cooper: Bredsen's difficult road

Published Dec. 8 2017

Many children born the last year Tennessee elected a Democrat to the United States Senate — 27 years ago in...

Cooper: One less Signal Mountain worry

Published Dec. 6 2017

Some Hamilton County residents who oppose the town of Signal Mountain creating its own school system are attempting to set...

Cooper: Meanwhile, at the border ...

Published Dec. 6 2017

Even if President Trump is able to sign a tax reduction bill by Christmas, you'll hear that the bill is...


Cooper: Tennessee senators have keys in tax bill vote

Published Dec. 5 2017

Tennessee's two Republican senators will have a hand greater than most in whether tax reform legislation is passed by Congress...

Cooper's Eye on the Left: The latest war on Christmas

Published Dec. 4 2017

If you thought there was a war on Christmas before, it's nothing compared to the trashing the left has laid...

Cooper: Hesitancy understandable, but releasing taxes better

Published Dec. 3 2017

Let's say you're running for governor.

Cooper: End taxpayer-funded sexual harassment settlements

Published Dec. 1 2017

The first bill passed by the United States Congress in 1995 subjected members of the House and Senate to many...

Cooper: Corker's fiscal soundness

Published Nov. 29 2017

Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., made it clear eight weeks ago he was no fan of a tax cut if it...

Cooper: Can busy Congress cooperate?

Published Nov. 28 2017

Congress has become a lot like the adage about the National Basketball Association: Nobody cares until the playoffs.

Cooper's Eye on the Left: Lerner now the target?

Published Nov. 27 2017

What former Internal Revenue Services unit head Lois Lerner did was so egregious, according to her attorneys, it would prompt...

Cooper: Skipping the war on Christmas

Published Nov. 26 2017

With Thanksgiving behind us, and Black Friday in the rear-view mirror, it's time to center our hearts and minds for...

Cooper: Failing to walk the talk

Published Nov. 22 2017

Let's be frank. It's been a bad fall for Hollywood glitterati, politicians and pundits who can't walk their talk, whose...


Cooper: Woodmore bus crash offered lessons, realities

Published Nov. 21 2017

A year ago today, a group of Woodmore Elementary School students left their homes for school during a week when...

Cooper's Eye on the Left: Are liberals reconsidering Bill Clinton?

Published Nov. 20 2017

For years, the alleged rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment victims of former President Bill Clinton have been trashed and...

Cooper: Telling the Chattanooga stories

Published Nov. 19 2017

If you could mine the brains of Chattanooga area residents about significant people, events and changes in the Scenic City...

Cooper: Why take food from the poor?

Published Nov. 18 2017

The largest food distribution ministry in Hamilton County may be in danger of losing its United States Department of Agriculture...

Cooper: Keep private prisons in order

Published Nov. 17 2017

If a vendor doesn't provide good service when it supplies your business, you naturally will look elsewhere.

Cooper: Kicking firing range down the road

Published Nov. 15 2017

Several times a day, cars pass up and down Dogwood Lane on the way in or out of the one-lane,...

Cooper: Rep. JoAnne Favors remained a happy warrior

Published Nov. 15 2017

As the lone Democrat in the Hamilton County state legislative delegation, Rep. JoAnne Favors almost always was rowing against a...

Cooper: Roy Moore is in the guilt gray area

Published Nov. 14 2017

Is Alabama Republican senatorial candidate Roy Moore as guilty as the Duke University lacrosse team members, as guilty as former...

Cooper's Eye on the Left: Oh, wait, he's a Democrat

Published Nov. 13 2017

Last week, as the jury began considering the guilt or innocence of U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., in a federal...

Cooper: Judging the psyche of presidents

Published Nov. 12 2017

The account describes the president as "morose, self pitying, angry ... tormented." Another impression of him says he tended to...

Cooper: Veterans - U.S. at its heart

Published Nov. 11 2017

If one listened too long or too closely to the country's constantly aggrieved set, one might begin to believe the...