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Opinion - Free Press Editorials

Cooper: 'Moderate' nominee just a label

Published Mar. 19 2016

The headlines were everywhere earlier this week, and the meaning behind them was just what you'd expect.

Cooper: Hypocritical winds blowing over Atlantic

Published Mar. 18 2016

Just a day after saying it will ban commercial oil drilling off the Atlantic Coast, the Obama administration dedicated more...

Cooper: Politics shouldn't stop mental health bill

Published Mar. 16 2016

Beltway pundits already have written the obituaries on this year's Congress, saying election-year politics and the battle over a potential...

Cooper: 'Carter Act' could help elsewhere

Published Mar. 16 2016

A law inspired by the treatment and recovery of former President Jimmy Carter from liver and brain cancer could —...

Cooper: Smith's exit leaves clean slate

Published Mar. 15 2016

With Superintendent Rick Smith's announced retirement Monday, the Hamilton County Schools system now has a clean white board on which...

Cooper's eye on the left: Now they are truly looney tunes

Published Mar. 14 2016

This is what's up, doc

Cooper: State's priority schools response cries out for new leadership

Published Mar. 13 2016

A withering response from the Tennessee Department of Education to Hamilton County Schools over its priority schools plans leads one...

Cooper: No call to end carry permit law

Published Mar. 12 2016

The fact the overwhelming number of crimes involving guns are carried out by people who don't own those guns legally...

Cooper: Carson's two Trumps should meet

Published Mar. 12 2016

Former Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson said on Friday in endorsing Donald Trump that there is the man the...

Cooper: Award those who care for vulnerable

Published Mar. 11 2016

Not surprisingly, every state agency, state-related agency and nonprofit has had its hands out this winter in the clamor for...

Cooper: Police eye on traffic welcomed

Published Mar. 11 2016

We've all endured the scary moments when we've slowly accelerated out of an intersection on a green light, only to...

Cooper: Resignation still an option for Rick Smith

Published Mar. 9 2016

Hamilton County Schools Superintendent Rick Smith said Tuesday he previously chose to seek a buyout from his contract with the...


Cooper: 'Just Say No' always worked

Published Mar. 8 2016

Former first lady Nancy Reagan hadn't been dead for hours Sunday when the knives came out.

Cooper: Until a new jail is built...

Published Mar. 8 2016

The need for a new Hamilton County Jail is not new, but the facility's age and space should not keep...

Cooper's eye on the left: Ex-Obama staffer decries policies

Published Mar. 7 2016

The man who once headed President Obama's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness issued a letter to his General Electric stockholders...

Cooper: Who backed Trump in Tennessee?

Published Mar. 6 2016

Businessman Donald Trump claimed 94 of 95 counties in winning Tennessee in Tuesday's Republican presidential preference primary, so implying his...

Cooper: President still lying about Affordable Care Act, but is there help on the way?

Published Mar. 5 2016

On a day when television viewers could watch a Republican presidential debate in which one of the issues was the...

Cooper: North Hamilton critical for Marty Haynes

Published Mar. 4 2016

Hamilton County Commissioner Marty Haynes won almost every voting precinct north of the Tennessee River en route to his Republican...

Cooper: GOP digging hole for itself

Published Mar. 2 2016

Every Republican state primary election or caucus from here on out this spring in which there are more than two...

Cooper: We're all better off when candidates face opposition in elections

Published Mar. 1 2016

Some months ago, U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann, R-Chattanooga, was looking ahead to the possibility of a 2016 primary opponent and...

Cooper's eye on the left: Clinton gets ahead of facts

Published Feb. 29 2016



Chattanooga Free Press announces its endorsement for president

Published Feb. 28 2016

Tennesseans have an opportunity on Tuesday to cast their Republican presidential primary vote for a man who is not only...

Cooper: Faith groups favor no one

Published Feb. 27 2016

After three primaries, numerous debates and more than a year of campaigning, not one Democratic or Republican presidential candidate earned...