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Opinion - Free Press Editorials

Cooper's eye on the left: Racist trees keep parks white

Published May. 23 2016

More black Americans don't visit national parks, according to an impeached former judge, because they associate them with lynchings. You...

Cooper: Cornerstone must avoid pitfalls

Published May. 21 2016

If the North Georgia community is fortunate, in 20 years Cornerstone Medical Center will be known only for the good...

Cooper: Stadium vote a truce signal?

Published May. 21 2016

A mention of the Hamilton County Schools' swollen fund balance by Hamilton County Commissioner Joe Graham at Tuesday's schools budget...

Cooper: Answers on school budget needed

Published May. 20 2016

A majority of Hamilton County commissioners said Tuesday they wouldn't support a tax increase — which may or may not...

Cooper: Carey V. Brown's eternal rewards must wait

Published May. 20 2016

We don't doubt Chattanooga businessman Carey V. Brown's sincerity when he stood before the heads of six Chattanooga nonprofits in...

Cooper: What's in a commencement speech?

Published May. 18 2016

If we had our choice of hearing graduation speeches delivered by the rich and famous this spring, we'd opt for...

Cooper: Leave bathroom decisions to states

Published May. 17 2016

The Obama administration has stepped once again into a place it doesn't belong — public school bathrooms.

Cooper's eye on the left: The next civil rights debate

Published May. 16 2016

I thee tree wed

Cooper: Corker would give Trump a boost

Published May. 15 2016

One day before Tennessee's presidential primary in March, Sen. Bob Corker didn't take the opportunity to do what so many...

Cooper: School board, public must work together

Published May. 14 2016

If ever there was a time for nine members of the Hamilton County Board of Education to confer with the...

Cooper: Whole lot of shaking going on

Published May. 13 2016

A new Barna survey shows you're not the only one shaking your head about the November election while talking with...

Cooper: Could tiny house opponents help?

Published May. 11 2016

The concerned citizens of Ooltewah who felt their property would be devalued and their children left unsafe with a small...


Cooper: Is Iran spin really a surprise?

Published May. 11 2016

For those who have paid attention, no one can be surprised that a wannabe fiction writer who now serves as...

Cooper: We have to kill eagles to preserve them, Obama administration says

Published May. 10 2016

The Obama administration's explanation last week of how it would conserve eagles by killing more of them sounds as if...

Cooper's eye on the left: Liberal host OK with Trump's wife

Published May. 9 2016

Hypocrisy, thy name is Matthews

Cooper: Wallen, police stand in the gap

Published May. 7 2016

They'll be sculpting a new name on the Law Enforcement Memorial on Market Street this year and will be honoring...

Cooper: Headed toward a new low

Published May. 5 2016

Republican voters apparently have chosen their presidential candidate. We'll find out on Nov. 8 if a majority still approves of...

Cooper's eye on the left: Have you no decency?

Published May. 2 2016

An Alzheimer's comedy?

Cooper: Religious violence and the road less traveled

Published May. 1 2016

Hate comes easily. The other options are more complicated, more messy and more time-consuming.

Cooper: A lost year for testing

Published Apr. 30 2016

Everyone appears to be getting a mulligan this year on Tennessee's failed standardized student assessment test platform.

Cooper: Jill Levine hiring fuels intrigue

Published Apr. 29 2016

The agreement apparently was sealed for Jill Levine to become a major player in interim schools Superintendent Kirk Kelly's regime,...


Cooper: Law's discrimination threat low

Published Apr. 29 2016

While the controversial bill that was signed by Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam Wednesday to allow counselors with "sincerely held principles"...

Cooper: Berke eyes safer city, better starts in life

Published Apr. 27 2016

Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke pledged in his State of the City address Monday to spend $1 million over the next...