Bond between city and Port Angeles grows: 'It's almost like we're sister cities'

Port Angeles resident Leslie Robertson, right, and Vicki Hawkins, who now lives in Chattanooga, carry a sign from Port Angeles, Wa., to the Lee Highway memorial for victims of the July, 16 shootings at the adjacent Armed Forces Career Center on Wednesday, July 29, 2015, in Chattanooga, Tenn. Robertson traveled from Port Angeles to deliver several signs of support.

The original plan was one banner. After that one got filled up, it was going to be five.

By the time the Port Angeles, Wash., residents got done signing sympathy banners for the Chattanooga community, Leslie Robertson had enough handwritten messages to fill 20 banners.

And instead of mailing them, Robertson opted to fly across the country to hand-deliver the banners to Chattanooga City Hall and Mayor Andy Berke on Thursday. Berke said the banners will be displayed for an unknown amount of time in the library. After that, he isn't sure where the banners will go.

Chattanooga Freedom Float

Outdoor Chattanooga is putting on the Chattanooga Freedom Float in honor of and to raise money for the heroes who were injured and killed in the July 16 attacks.The