Council seeks to ban protesters from funerals of five slain servicemen

Chattanooga City Hall

Federal and state laws already bar some picketing or protests at funerals, but the city of Chattanooga may take further action to keep protestors from the funeral of those killed in Thursday's shooting.

The Chattanooga City Council unanimously agreed to research laws to bar protestors from funerals for the five U.S. servicemen who were killed at an Amnicola Highway military outpost.

Resident Mary Staggs addressed the council, asking that they implement a 60-day ban on all funeral protests, similar to an ordinance passed in Charleston, S.C.

"We would like to ask the city of Chattanooga for an extra blanket of protection for the families," Staggs said.

Deputy City Attorney Phil Noblett said federal laws passed in 2006 already require protests at federal cemeteries to be approved by the cemetery's superintendent.