How will last week's attack affect Chattanooga's brand?

Staff Photo by Angela Lewis Foster A rotating computerized billboard featuring the head gear representing the Marines and Navy sailor who died last week was put up by Fairway Outdoor Advertising on Highway 153 near Lowe's.

Peoples' love for our city has not changed. In fact, it's grown stronger.

photo A rotating computerized sign on Highway 153 near Lowe's shows photos relating to last week's events in Chattanooga, Tenn.

photo Bob Doak

Business in Chattanooga may have taken a hit after last week's shootings of four Marines and a Navy sailor, but the city's image likely won't need shoring up, some merchants and others say.

One stark reality is that such events are becoming more common in America, one expert said, citing other mass shooting sites such as Charleston, S.C.,