Chattanooga's broad middle helps city bear tragedy

Flags placed by hundreds of people stand in a makeshift memorial at the military recruiting office on Lee High following last week's deadly shooting of five service members.

You don't have to look too far to find the people on the extremes of feelings about the senseless killing last week of five members of the United States military.

They write letters to the editor, they're interviewed on television, heard on radio and make their feelings known in blogs.

One extreme is those who are sure an Islamic State-inspired (even trained) Muslim hit Chattanooga last week, and for that reason all Muslims now should be suspect. Another extreme consists of folks who believe the deaths are a deserved consequence of actions taken by a military-crazy, foreign nation-meddling country.

And then there are those in the middle, people who are not conspiracy theorists but who also do not believe their country is evil.