Gordon vicious for UT

The redshirt freshman cornerback admits he's "trying to take their heads off" in Vols practices.

KNOXVILLE - Gerald Jones broke open in the middle of the field during Tennessee's Saturday scrimmage in Neyland Stadium, but the throw left him vulnerable to a vicious hit from cornerback Marsalis Teague.

Teague, a former wide receiver who backed up Jones last season, resisted the urge to take the knockout shot on his former mentor.

"He didn't knock the (heck) out of me, but he could have," Jones said. "I think he understands that at the end of the day we're on the same team, and I was a defenseless receiver and it was just a scrimmage.

"He's no Eric Gordon."

Gordon would have taken the shot. He and Jones are friends off the field - Gordon drops off Jones and senior wide receiver Denarius Moore at their house most days after practice - but Gordon said no offensive players are his "homeboys" on the field.