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Opinion - Times Editorials

Sohn: Dean best choice for Tennessee governor

Published Oct. 17 2018

Getting the vote out this fall for Tennessee's tried and true Democratic gubernatorial contender Karl Dean is far more important...

Sohn: Bredesen is honest voice for U.S. Senate

Published Oct. 17 2018

Phil Bredesen is the clear choice for Tennessee's U.S. senate seat.

Sohn: Dr. Danielle Mitchell is best medicine for 3rd District

Published Oct. 17 2018

Dr. Danielle Mitchell is the medicine to help you never again have to vote for incumbent Republican U.S. Rep. Chuck...

Sohn: Priority schools list shows us 'equity' blueprint

Published Sep. 25 2018

Nine Hamilton County schools are now officially ranked among the state's worst performing schools.

Pam's Points: Guns, tapes and lies - D.C. and GOP have it all

Published Sep. 24 2018

Where is President Barack Obama when the National Rifle Association needs him?

Sohn: Hurricane lessons of disasters squared

Published Sep. 23 2018

Even before the track of Hurricane Florence was completely certain, we knew there would be disasters within the disaster.

Sohn: Save the bugs, save ourselves

Published Sep. 21 2018

Scientists around the world are reporting a decline in flying insects.

Sohn: Marilyn Lloyd was no magnolia

Published Sep. 21 2018

Would that we could hear former Democratic Congresswoman Marilyn Lloyd light into U.S. Sen. Orrin Hatch right now.

Pam's Points: So many witches, so little time

Published Sep. 18 2018

Once again, Bob Corker is a sane and reasonable Republican voice in the Senate — for the time he has...

Pam's Points: Hurricanes, witch hunts make big news

Published Sep. 17 2018

We did not have a news-free weekend.

Sohn: Top priority - act like lead poisoning is not new

Published Sep. 16 2018

In October of 2012, a former Times Free Press reporter wrote: "Crews in hazmat suits will be a regular fixture...

Sohn: What Trump storm over hurricanes shows us

Published Sep. 14 2018

It truly takes a small, sad man to be Donald Trump.


Sohn: Child detention is Trump-made national disaster

Published Sep. 14 2018

While we await the aftermath of natural disaster Hurricane Florence, we sit in the throes of an ongoing national disaster:...

Sohn: Tennessee's U.S. senate race is crackling hot

Published Sep. 12 2018

Eight weeks out from the upcoming mid-term election, polls show Democrat and former Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen leading Republican and...

Pam's Points: What's in the political water in Tennessee?

Published Sep. 11 2018

There's something in the water at the Tennessee state Capitol.

Sohn: Brett Kavanaugh should have no place on Supreme Court

Published Sep. 10 2018

With wall-to-wall coverage for days of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's oily attempts to sidestep one of the most sensitive...

Sohn: Who's going to step up and save our country?

Published Sep. 9 2018

News in the Trump administration rarely remains still for an entire news cycle, let alone a weekend.

Sohn: Rise today for Climate 'Nooga

Published Sep. 8 2018

Only people can power real change, so rise for climate.

Sohn: Trump's off the rails, and Congress is MIA

Published Sep. 7 2018

"Crazytown" is what Donald Trump's Chief of Staff John Kelly calls the West Wing of the White House under President...

Sohn: Tennessee GOP, like Trump, embraces dishonesty

Published Sep. 5 2018

The Tennessee Republican Party learned from the masters of fake news — Donald Trump himself and Russians who used real-looking...

Sohn: TVA's number salad shouldn't cost ratepayers

Published Sep. 2 2018

Pop quiz!

Sohn: Trump's half-empty half-mast McCain tribute

Published Aug. 28 2018

Take it as whole.

Pam's Points: A victory for voters, a challenge for schools

Published Aug. 27 2018

Georgia voting rights prevail