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Opinion - Times Editorials

Sohn: The Constitution's emoluments clauses are pick-pocket prevention. We should use them.

Published Sep. 15 2019

Does it feel OK to you that Vice President Mike Pence's taxpayer-funded stay ($600,000 just for ground transportation) at a...

Sohn: Forget pundits, watch presidential debates for yourself

Published Sep. 14 2019

Most of the pundits writing and talking today about Thursday's Democratic debate must not have been watching the same debate...

Sohn: Erlanger trustees owe us a studied CEO search

Published Sep. 13 2019

It's musical chairs time again at Erlanger.


Pam's Points: There's poetic justice, local justice and Trump justice

Published Sep. 9 2019

Do you need a laugh? Or a cry?

Sohn: Our planet and our families depend on a 2020 candidate

Published Sep. 8 2019

Elizabeth Warren put it well.

Sohn: We must help Tennessee walkers, because USDA won't

Published Sep. 7 2019

One week ago tonight, a beautiful dapple gray horse named I'm Mayhem became the World Grand Champion Tennessee Walking Horse...

Sohn: Trump plays Sharpiegate, real leaders plan

Published Sep. 6 2019

While Hurricane Dorian closed in on the Carolinas this week, @SharpiePresident Donald Trump quadrupled down on his mistaken Sunday tweet...

Sohn: Lawmakers must be harder on opioids

Published Sep. 4 2019

"Tennessee is among the hardest-hit states when it comes to the opioid epidemic."

Sohn: The lawless Trump and his propaganda wall

Published Sep. 1 2019

Remember all the talk during and just after the Mueller investigation about whether the president was culpable in Russian election...

Sohn: Erlanger board owes patients a real discussion and review of hospital leadership

Published Aug. 31 2019

In early May, physicians - fed up with three years of unanswered concerns about patient safety at Erlanger's emergency department...

Sohn: It's a day to celebrate the silver linings in our clouds

Published Aug. 30 2019

It's easy in this day and age to overlook the good stuff happening around us.

Sohn: Climate change is not a single-issue danger

Published Aug. 25 2019

It's as easy as taking candy from a baby to accuse Republicans of useful idiocy when it comes to climate...

Sohn: Save the rainforest, save the Earth

Published Aug. 24 2019

The lungs of the Earth have consumption. And the typhoid Mary responsible appears to be Brazil's Trumplike president Jair Bolsonaro,...

Sohn: Unhinged or just unfit, Trump is unliked

Published Aug. 23 2019

Are you still holding your ears from that thunderous sound of silence among Republicans and especially Republican Christians in response...

Sohn: Help Planned Parenthood stand for choice

Published Aug. 21 2019

Planned Parenthood's decision to walk away from about $60 million in annual Title X federal funding for low-income women's reproductive...

Sohn: Recession? What recession? Down is up in Trumpworld

Published Aug. 20 2019

What recession? President Trump doesn't see a recession. Larry Kudlow, Trump's top economic adviser, says he doesn't see a recession....

Pam's Points: Trump outrages just keep coming

Published Aug. 19 2019

There is no low too low for President Donald Trump.

Sohn: Congratulations schools! Now get to work on what's next

Published Aug. 17 2019

Congratulations are in order for Hamilton County educators, students and parents:

Sohn: Finding accountability in Epstein death, conspiracy theories

Published Aug. 14 2019

In the wake of Jeffrey Epstein's death, we see again just how much Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr...

Sohn: Schools' outrage is not training, it's equity still on hold

Published Aug. 13 2019

The fact that a training session for Hamilton County teachers became the object of controversy locally speaks volumes. What it...

Pam's Points: Are politicians speaking to the hearts and minds of voters?

Published Aug. 12 2019

In case you've been blissfully tucked in a cave away from political news all weekend, you might not yet have...

Sohn: It's time to shoot down gun violence

Published Aug. 11 2019

It's pretty clear that most Americans are fed up with mass shootings. Frankly, most of us are fed up with...

Sohn: Saving our dinner, one pollinator at a time

Published Aug. 10 2019

It seems we can't stop the human race from annihilating our world and ourselves.