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Opinion - Times Editorials

Sohn: America doesn't like D.C.'s 'dumb' game anymore

Published Jul. 22 2018

America has to stop playing dumb.

Sohn: When will we get real about school scores?

Published Jul. 20 2018

For a couple of years now, we've been lamenting the fact that 60 percent of Hamilton County's third-graders can't read...

Pam's Points: What the world needs now is spine, freedom and smiles

Published Jul. 19 2018

America's Congress as a whole may be spineless when it comes to the Trump administration's constant and deliberate deflection and...

Sohn: Where are the Republican patriots?

Published Jul. 18 2018

Republican Patriots: Where are you?

Sohn: Surprise, surprise - Trump sides with Russia

Published Jul. 16 2018

Donald Trump - on the stage with Russian president Vladimir Putin - would not say he believed his own intelligence...

Pam's Points: What will Trump-Putin Helsinki meeting bring?

Published Jul. 16 2018

It's going to be a big day in Helsinki, Finland.

Sohn: Yes, America, there are witches to hunt

Published Jul. 13 2018

Poor Donald.

Levine: Cruel and unusual punishment at the border

Published Jul. 13 2018

According to immigration lawyers, children as young as five are in court going through the legal process.

Sohn: Tennessee House endorsements

Published Jul. 13 2018

For the first time in a long time, Hamilton County's legislative delegation races are competitive — in the primary and...

Sohn: Fitzhugh is best Democrat for governor

Published Jul. 13 2018

Tennesseans have two very strong Democratic Primary contenders for governor.

Sohn: Bredesen is a problem solver, Blackburn a problem maker

Published Jul. 12 2018

Tennessee's race to fill the seat of Bob Corker is among the make-or-break contests in the country as Democrats hope...

Sohn: Fleischmann's primary one-sided, but wait until fall

Published Jul. 12 2018

The race for Tennessee's 3rd Congressional District is quite one-sided at the moment.

Sohn: Victor Miller for sheriff

Published Jul. 11 2018

The candidates for Hamilton County Sheriff offer our county a wealth of policing experience.

Sohn: Vickie Schroyer deserves Register vote

Published Jul. 11 2018

Vickie Schroyer, a Democrat, has worked for 35 years in the Hamilton County Register of Deeds office. She is a...

Sohn: Time to change our county mayor

Published Jul. 11 2018

Aloyse Brown minces no words.

Sohn: Times page endorsements for Hamilton County school board

Published Jul. 10 2018

With five of nine school board seats contested in the Hamilton County's Aug. 2 General Election, there's a good chance...

Sohn: Times endorsements in county commission races

Published Jul. 9 2018

Taxpayers and Hamilton County residents, this is your once-in-four-years chance to make a difference and send a message about our...

Sohn: ER treats baby with bottle and nap; cost is $18,836

Published Jul. 8 2018

By now you may have seen the story of the baby treated with a bottle and a nap in a...