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Opinion - Times Editorials

Sohn: City, police must restore public trust

Published May. 24 2019

It's bad enough when our Chattanooga Police Department has a cascade of officers accused of sexual assault, rape and other...

Sohn: Tennessee GOP has brass; D.C. GOP should take a lesson

Published May. 22 2019

Tennesseans should send a heartfelt thank you to Republican Gov. Bill Lee, who made it crystal clear Monday night that...

Sohn: Message to the GOP - women will not go back

Published May. 19 2019

The arrogance and hypocrisy of Republicans pushing anti-abortion laws in our country are astonishing.

Sohn: 'Dominion' over the earth doesn't mean destruction

Published May. 14 2019

How many bumblebees have you seen this spring?

Pam's Points: The disconnect keeps growing

Published May. 13 2019

It's still the economy, stupid.

Sohn: Tennesseans are mired in medical debt

Published May. 12 2019

It seems a sad irony that in one of the states where Donald Trump has some of his strongest support...

Sohn: School shootings more numerous than reported

Published May. 11 2019

We are 19 weeks into 2019, and CNN can count 15 school shootings - almost one a week - from...

Sohn: Tennessee Capitol rooms are bugged, House Speaker Glen Casada's is bug-proofed

Published May. 10 2019

It is past time for Tennessee House Speaker Glen Casada to resign from the his leadership post.

Sohn: Who says free college is socialism?

Published May. 8 2019

The conservative New York Post recently ran this headline: "'Free college' is the gateway drug to socialism"

Sohn: Climate clouds gather over U.S. nukes - Part 3

Published May. 7 2019

In this time of climate change preparation — such as we have it under the Trump chaos reign — nuclear...

Sohn: Climate clouds gather over U.S. nukes - Part 2

Published May. 6 2019

We hear a lot about hardening our infrastructure for climate change, and well we should.

Sohn: Climate clouds gather over U.S. nukes - Part 1

Published May. 5 2019

U.S. nuclear power plants weren't built for climate change.

Sohn: Trump's war crimes against migrant children

Published May. 4 2019

Almost a year after President Donald Trump announced the end of his inhumane and child-abusing "zero-tolerance" immigration policy — the...

Sohn: Tennessee passes slate of backward bills

Published May. 4 2019

Tennessee needs a new slate of lawmakers in its General Assembly.

Sohn: Forget Barr, bring us the Mueller testimony

Published May. 3 2019

It was heartening to see Sen. Kamala Harris, D-California, put Attorney General William Barr on the spot Wednesday as he...

Sohn: Don't buy GOP's distress call over socialism

Published May. 1 2019

To hear Republicans — and especially Fox News — tell it, Democrats want America to turn to socialism. Don't take...

Sohn: Ratepayers need to question TVA's 'long-term' power plan

Published Apr. 30 2019

New TVA CEO Jeff Lyash, a former CEO of one of Canada's biggest public utilities, thinks TVA is uniquely positioned...

Pam's Points: What the world needs now is love, not hate

Published Apr. 29 2019

Clearly, Joe Biden's entry into the 2020 presidential race is concerning to Donald Trump. And apparently Biden's entry announcement video...

Sohn: What if Roosevelt said Pearl Harbor was a hoax?

Published Apr. 28 2019

In the week following the Mueller report's release, we've watched more obstruction of justice roll before our very eyes —...

Sohn: Proposed Hamilton County Schools budget holds promise

Published Apr. 27 2019

It's no secret that our county has dire education needs. We've chronicled those needs here many times.

Sohn: Tennessee lawmakers - what are you doing?

Published Apr. 24 2019

As usual, and unfortunately, we are deeply concerned with what the Tennessee General Assembly is doing to subvert freedoms and...

Sohn: Impeaching Trump is the right thing to do

Published Apr. 23 2019

Is impeaching President Donald Trump for obstruction of justice a no-win situation or a win-win?

Pam's Points: In the fallout of the Mueller Report

Published Apr. 22 2019

Sorry, Donald. Not 'fake news'