Wiedmer: Embracing NFL's 100-minute charity plan would be good for everyone everywhere

Published Apr. 21 2019

As national holidays go, Easter is often more difficult to tie to a particular charitable act we can embrace in...

5-at-10: Friday mailbag on Draft board, this week's Rushmores, Tiger vs. the field, Answering some hate mail

Published Apr. 19 2019

Jay Greeson on prayer, Tiger Woods, the NFL Draft and more.

5-at-10: A powerful speaker at prayer breakfast, Braves weakness gets weaker, NFL schedule release, Rushmore of movie High Fives

Published Apr. 18 2019

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5-at-10: Quarterback conversations, Best guy on TV, Perspective on Kraft turning, Rushmore of worst No. 1 overall NFL picks in the last 25 years

Published Apr. 17 2019

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Wiedmer: Rusty Wright needn't worry about his Mocs enjoying football break 'too much'

Published Apr. 16 2019

With their football spring practices officially over late Tuesday afternoon, you might have expected University of Tennessee at Chattanooga senior...

5-at-10: 'Game of Thrones' review, More on Tiger and the dude who made seven figures on Tiger, Rushmore of athletes as themselves in movies

Published Apr. 16 2019

Jay Greeson on Game of Thrones, Tiger Woods, Eli Manning and more.

Wiedmer: LSU proves college basketball still stinks on occasion

Published Apr. 15 2019

You know how every now and then you find yourself on the Southside when the wind blows just wrong and...

5-at-10: Tiger Woods, Weekend runners-up and losers, Rushmore of best comeback stories in sports history

Published Apr. 15 2019

Jay Greeson on Tiger Woods, the Vols, the 76ers, Russell Westbrook and more.

Wiedmer: Tiger delivers the comeback story of the century

Published Apr. 15 2019

Maybe that was a tear Tiger Woods wiped away, and maybe it wasn't.

Wiedmer: If Orange and White game is any indication, Vols have improved

Published Apr. 14 2019

And then Tiger Woods birdied No. 16 and the ground shook all the way to Neyland Stadium.

5-at-10: Friday mailbag with a lot of Masters, a Game of Thrones plan, being nervous, Unlikable fictional presidents and this week's Rushmores

Published Apr. 12 2019

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5-at-10: All-Time Masters Rushmore, NBA exits and city-athlete connections, Top of the Head Thursday questions

Published Apr. 11 2019

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Wiedmer: Kellie Jolly Harper the right Lady Vols hire at the right time

Published Apr. 10 2019

They first met in 1997 while working one of Pat Summitt's summer camps.

Larry Case: It takes a real turkey to hunt these crazy birds

Published Apr. 10 2019

Well, it's that time of year again.

5-at-10: Masters storylines and free contest, Hall of Fame NBA exits, NASCAR's attendance ripples, Rushmore of all-time sports venues

Published Apr. 10 2019

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Wiedmer: Virginia's title ended college hoops season on a high note

Published Apr. 9 2019

You already can see the upcoming book and video titles: "From laughingstock to last team standing — The story of...

5-at-10: Saban goes Saban, Masters contest and history, UT hoops heroics, Rushmore of worst shots in Masters history

Published Apr. 9 2019

Jay Greeson the Vols, Nick Saban, the Masters and more.

Wiedmer: Phillip Fulmer comes through big-time for Big Orange

Published Apr. 8 2019

It was good to wake up Monday morning as Tennessee men's basketball coach Rick Barnes.

5-at-10: Worst losses ever, weekend winners and losers, Masters contest and history, Rushmore of best Masters shots

Published Apr. 8 2019

OK, not sure how to handle today. We have the weekend winners and losers, and we'll use that for several...

Wiedmer: May title game's losing coach mirror Bruce Pearl's graciousness in defeat

Published Apr. 8 2019

After what was almost certainly the most painful loss of his 24 seasons as a collegiate head coach, Pearl pointed...

Wiedmer: By hiring Williams, Texas A&M gives SEC hoops extra buzz

Published Apr. 7 2019

The Texas Tech and Texas A&M men's basketball programs may soon have far more in common.

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Published Apr. 5 2019

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Published Apr. 4 2019

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