5-at-10: Weekend winners and losers, The Lion King turns 25, Rushmore of movie space ships

Published Jun. 24 2019

Your Atlanta Braves hitters. Yes, we all wanted more from Dallas Kuechel on Friday, but winning two of three when...

Wiedmer: A good showing at Wrigley could prove these Braves are for real

Published Jun. 24 2019

When you play 162 regular-season games, it's tough to circle a dozen or so that seem more important than the...

Wiedmer: Girls Preparatory School's Jay Watts an international lacrosse coach, too

Published Jun. 23 2019

If this international coaching experiment doesn't work out, Jay Watts might consider moonlighting as a travel agent in the future.

5-at-10: Friday mailbag on me saying dumb things, the Braves' announcers and trade piece, draft thoughts and suits, Rushmores and drafting Eastwood movies

Published Jun. 21 2019

Did you really say this week on Press Row that backup QBs deserved to be in the Hall of Fame?...

5-at-10: NBA draft thoughts, predictions and best guesses, NFL's big ticket decision, Rushmore of John Goodman roles

Published Jun. 20 2019

I love the draft. You know this.

Wiedmer: Whether Admiral Schofield is picked or not, it's time to rethink the NBA draft

Published Jun. 19 2019

A little over a week ago, as he was about to dazzle this newspaper's Best of Preps banquet, former Tennessee...

5-at-10: Baseball elite starting to look around, feeling the draft, nets coming to baseball, Rushmore of movie pets

Published Jun. 19 2019

Today, even though we are still a few days from the official start go summer, let's explore the divide between...

5-at-10: Baseball essay 101, in-stadium betting, Lakers' next moves, Rushmore of Beatles songs

Published Jun. 18 2019

Not unlike our Tuesday essays in college basketball season, we will examine the MLB in general on Tuesdays for the...

Wiedmer: Red-hot Braves still need a closer to cool down opponents' bats

Published Jun. 17 2019

Buy the Atlanta Braves or sell the Braves? That is the question on this 18th day of June, the season...

5-at-10: Weekend winners and losers, U.S. Open in primetime, Rushmore of animated sequels

Published Jun. 17 2019

Everyone involved in the Anthony Davis-to-L.A. LeBron, who has his best sidekick of his career.

Wiedmer: Southern League Hall of Fame a well-earned honor for Sal Rende

Published Jun. 17 2019

Sal Rende won't be in Biloxi, Mississippi, this week when the Southern League inducts its newest Hall of Fame class...

Wiedmer: UTC's Rusty Wright gets it right as father and father figure

Published Jun. 16 2019

We have never needed fathers and father figures more.

5-at-10: Friday mailbag with Rushmores, MLB All-Star discoveries, NBA reaction, Postseason losers

Published Jun. 14 2019

NBA Finals thoughts? Whatcha got? (Also, those of you heckling my Warriors-in-6 pick, well, that's fair, but who had any...

5-at-10: Game 6 thoughts, Game 7 hockey, Monster This and That, Rushmore of stadium crowds and songs

Published Jun. 13 2019

Warriors-Raptors in the last game at The Oracle tonight. A Golden State win means Game 7 on Sunday night, which...

Case: Daisy helps young hunters bloom into responsible shooters

Published Jun. 12 2019

"The beginning is the most important part of the work." — Plato

5-at-10: Soccer faux outrage, US Open picks and free contest, Pricey Game 7, Rushmore of 1980s action movies that hold-up today

Published Jun. 12 2019

OK, because we are going to be outraged about anything — everything? — now the U.S. Women's soccer team is...

Wiedmer: Admiral Schofield delivers one of the best Best of Preps Banquet efforts ever

Published Jun. 11 2019

This newspaper's Best of Preps Banquet has had more than a few nationally known speakers over the years, ranging from...

5-at-10: KD's NBA-changing injury, Braves big Monday, US Open storylines and free contest, Rushmore of Hollywood nicknames

Published Jun. 11 2019

Gang, I know a few of you have not paid the NBA an ounce of attention. And that's fine.

Wiedmer: Could horse deaths at Santa Anita potentially kill thoroughbred racing?

Published Jun. 10 2019

What if they ran a horse race and nobody came?

5-at-10: Weekend winners and losers, U.S. Open contest and Rory's brilliance, Rushmore of best college coaches without a title

Published Jun. 10 2019

Rafael Nadal. How about this: No athlete ever has been better at any venue than Nadal has been on the...

Wiedmer: Kevin Durant should think of himself before he thinks of the Warriors

Published Jun. 10 2019

A question. Actually, by far the biggest question heading into Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

Wiedmer: Who besides the Big Three ever will rule men's tennis?

Published Jun. 9 2019

All of us who are tennis fans need to enjoy this remarkable Big Three while they last.

5-at-10: Friday mailbag with binge-watching ideas, Braves adding Keuchel, College Football Hall of Fame talk and everyone's favorite hate mail

Published Jun. 7 2019

Binge-watching ideas, Braves adding Keuchel, College football Hall of Fame talk and everyone's favorite hate mail.