5-at-10: Friday mailbag with golf equipment, a best guess what we'd shoot at Carnoustie, best SEC coaches to deal with, this week's Rushmores

Published Jul. 20 2018

Jay Greeson on golf, SEC Media Days and more.

Greeson: Looking for SEC knowledge as we wait for actual football

Published Jul. 20 2018

We've spent most of the week pecking and parceling words and phrases.

5-at-10: THE Open, SEC media daze and predicted order of finish, Nashville's newsy day

Published Jul. 19 2018

Jay Greeson the Open, SEC Media Days and more.

Greeson: Pruitt looks the part in his first media daze

Published Jul. 19 2018

Tennessee is an all-time football program. Yes, we all remember all too well an all-time rotten year — UT lost...

5-at-10: All-Star mania and Hader's bad day, Golf fun and THE Open contest, World Cup TV numbers, Rushmore of golf announcers

Published Jul. 18 2018

Jay Greeson on the MLB All-Star game, the US Open and more.

Greeson: Florida - and the SEC - need Mullen to be like Spurrier

Published Jul. 17 2018

There was a time in the college football realm that it was Alabama and everyone else.

5-at-10: Home run for HR Derby, Down with emojis, Golf items with THE Open contest, Rushmore of father-son acting tandems

Published Jul. 17 2018

Bryce Harper, world emoji day, golf and more from Jay Greeson.

Greeson: State of the SEC points to need for more conference leadership

Published Jul. 16 2018

When the Southeastern Conference commissioner steps to the microphone at the annual Football Media Days — regardless of whether they're...

Wiedmer: Is it time to add Novak Djokovic to GOAT discussion?

Published Jul. 16 2018

What if this argument about deciding the GOAT - Greatest Of All Time - of professional tennis needs to include...

5-at-10: Weekend winners, losers, Golf distance and a free contest for THE Open, Rushmore of Will Ferrell movies

Published Jul. 16 2018

Jay Greeson on Wimbledon, France, Demi Moore and more.

Wiedmer: Could CTE ever kill college football as we know it today?

Published Jul. 15 2018

It's football time in Tennessee. And Alabama. And Georgia. And everywhere else in the Southeastern Conference.

5-at-10: Monster mailbag on college football, British Open picks (and a contest), would you rather be good looking or funny

Published Jul. 13 2018

Jay Greeson's monster mailbag.

5-at-10: Papa John's potty mouth, Fall-outs from falls from grace, World Cup dream dashed, Rushmore of Threes

Published Jul. 12 2018

Jay Greeson on Papa John's scandal, the World Cup and more.

5-at-10: NFL's bigger off-the-field issue, SEC media days most intriguing person, Daddy's always happy, Rushmore of bald dudes

Published Jul. 11 2018

Jay Greeson on the NFL, the SEC and more.

Wiedmer: Will 'Waistcoat Wednesday' be kind to England?

Published Jul. 11 2018

If only because it's given the world the Beatles, Winston Churchill, the television classic "Downton Abbey" and, however unwillingly, the...

5-at-10: Real heroes in Thailand, Betting business, Theory on U.S. men's soccer struggles, True or false Tuesday, Rushmore of ensemble sitcoms

Published Jul. 10 2018

Jay Greeson on Thailand, the World Cup and more.

Wiedmer: Summer-league basketbrawl a sickening incident

Published Jul. 10 2018

Maybe you've seen the video. It shows a summer-league boys' basketball team brawling with officials near the close of a...

5-at-10: Weekend winners, losers, Baseball all-star game thoughts, College football wins over/undersRushmore of Tom Hanks films

Published Jul. 9 2018

Jay Greeson on Nick Markakis, Phil Mickelson and more.

Wiedmer: Have the Atlanta Braves hit a pothole or a crater?

Published Jul. 9 2018

Let's return to June 29, sometime in the late afternoon, when the Atlanta Braves were about to play the Cardinals...

Wiedmer: Listening a big reason Vonn Bell is in the NFL

Published Jul. 8 2018

It would be tough for a defensive back to have a better game than Vonn Bell reportedly did for Ridgeland...

5-at-10: Friday mailbag on best athletes of this century, guaranteed contracts, T.O.'s decision, Rushmore of fried chicken

Published Jul. 6 2018

From Tyler: OK, your Tiger rant on ratings and dynasties got me thinking.