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The Rant

Published Feb. 17 2019

People who are complaining about smaller tax refunds forget that they got a bigger paycheck all year.

The Rant

Published Feb. 10 2019

Reading the anti-Trump rants I've decided the cumulative score of the first half of the Super Bowl is higher than...

The Rant

Published Feb. 3 2019

Maybe it would be wise not to speak of snow a week in advance. Schools automatically canceled the next day.


The Rant

Published Jan. 27 2019

Hard to believe the Trump support in Chattanooga. It is still just a redneck Southern town.

The Rant

Published Jan. 20 2019

Best idea ever: Trump pardons "El Chapo." "El Chapo" can then write a check for $5.7 billion.

The Rant

Published Jan. 13 2019

Build the wall! Build the wall! Build the wall! Now! Now! Now! Stand firm, President Trump!

The Rant

Published Jan. 6 2019

Thanks, Mr. Trump, for making my government-employed daughter's Christmas not so jolly. Maybe she can send you the bills coming...

The Rant

Published Dec. 30 2018

With the cost of expanding federal prison capacity to house Trump's cronies, there will be little money left to fund...

The Rant

Published Dec. 23 2018

Holiday curmudgeons, if you can't handle the jollies of holiday shopping and Christmas music without complaining, stay home.

The Rant

Published Dec. 16 2018

Rather than putting "Christ back in Christmas," I'd settle for putting Christ back in many so-called "Christians."

The Rant

Published Dec. 9 2018


The Rant

Published Dec. 2 2018

I have the heartbreak of psoriasis. Shall I blame President Trump for that?

The Rant

Published Nov. 25 2018

The problems we face today are caused by the people who work for a living are now outnumbered by those...