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The Rant

Published Apr. 21 2019

Is dodging potholes considered distracted driving?

The Rant

Published Apr. 14 2019

If you want your health care plan run like the post office, vote Democrat. Poor customer service, huge operating deficit,...

The Rant

Published Apr. 7 2019

Will the Trump derangement syndrome continue now that the mainstream media, Dems and FBI failed to show Russian collusion?

The Rant

Published Mar. 31 2019

Shame on President Trump. You should know that no one with any manners does not speak ill of a dead...

The Rant

Published Mar. 24 2019

To parents with unrealistic expectations for your entitled child. As the law school dean said, only 10 percent of you...

The Rant

Published Mar. 17 2019

Looks like it is going to be another two years before anything is accomplished in Congress; politics just is another...

The Rant

Published Mar. 10 2019

Quit! Stop being Democrats or Republicans. Just be Americans and get to work.

The Rant

Published Mar. 3 2019

As we mourn the loss of two of our men in blue, let's be thankful for all of those who...

The Rant

Published Feb. 24 2019

As one advocating the rich pay their fair share: Does Elizabeth Warren pay the tax maximum or take all the...

The Rant

Published Feb. 17 2019

People who are complaining about smaller tax refunds forget that they got a bigger paycheck all year.

The Rant

Published Feb. 10 2019

Reading the anti-Trump rants I've decided the cumulative score of the first half of the Super Bowl is higher than...

The Rant

Published Feb. 3 2019

Maybe it would be wise not to speak of snow a week in advance. Schools automatically canceled the next day.


The Rant

Published Jan. 27 2019

Hard to believe the Trump support in Chattanooga. It is still just a redneck Southern town.