Off the Couch: Mucho music at JJ's Bohemia, 'Disney on Ice' at McKenzie Arena

Published Oct. 15 2018

Barry, I don't know if you noticed last week, but some unknown page designer/section editor/savior of journalism actually left "Off...

Beyond Anne Frank: Survivor of Auschwitz concentration camp shares her journey

Published Oct. 14 2018

A U.S. speaking tour will bring Holocaust survivor Eva Schloss to Memorial Auditorium tonight. If her name is not familiar,...

Area painters offer 'Impressions of Monet's Garden'

Published Oct. 14 2018

A weeklong painting workshop in Giverny, France, home of French impressionist painter Claude Monet, has produced a treasure trove of...

Review: New Civil War book examines scourge of war, perils of peace

Published Oct. 14 2018

In recent months, Faulkner's oft-repeated aphorism — "The past is never dead. It's not even past." — seems more relevant...

Southern Folks: I'm a Mormon, Methodist, Presbyterian and Catholic

Published Oct. 14 2018

By the time I was 10 years old, I'd been baptized three times.

First Things First: Embracing the second half of life

Published Oct. 14 2018

A few years ago, my mom attended the Wednesday night program at her church.

Living on Purpose: Religious freedom for all convictions

Published Oct. 14 2018

As we are noticing in our ever-changing world, when one person is offended over something, the new social acceptance solution...

Good-Cause Calendar, Oct. 14-21

Published Oct. 14 2018

Women Of Distinction at Chattanooga Convention Center.

Dear Abby: Mom is flustered to find her family therapist on dating site

Published Oct. 14 2018

DEAR ABBY: I am conflicted about boundaries being crossed between my family therapist and me.

Faith Briefs, Oct. 12-19

Published Oct. 12 2018

Sunday Afternoon at Simpson: Concert series at Simpson United Methodist Church.

Dear Abby: Unemployed son complains he is overworked at home

Published Oct. 12 2018

DEAR ABBY: I am an unemployed (and looking) 24-year-old male who is the oldest of four.

Coogler to return as writer-director of 'Black Panther 2'

Published Oct. 12 2018

Ryan Coogler isn't leaving Wakanda: The filmmaker will write and direct the sequel to "Black Panther."

Dear Abby: Tattoo with ex-wife's name is an annoyance to girlfriend

Published Oct. 11 2018

DEAR ABBY: My boyfriend is divorced.

Taylor Swift wins big at AMAs and encourages fans to vote

Published Oct. 10 2018

Taylor Swift kicked off her week with a rare political post on social media, and at the American Music Awards...

New Lookout Comedy Festival offers eight shows with more than 30 comics

Published Oct. 10 2018

A new comedy festival launches this weekend with more than 30 comics participating in eight shows at four locations around...

Neshawn Calloway celebrates the Queen of Soul

Published Oct. 10 2018

Celebrate the Queen of Soul's music when Neshawn Calloway presents an Aretha Franklin Tribute Show on Saturday, Oct. 13, at...

Side Orders: How to choose the best brews for any pizza

Published Oct. 10 2018

The general rule for wine pairings is that white wine goes with chicken and red wine goes with beef, even...

Craft shows, heritage festivals and Oktoberfest on tap this weekend

Published Oct. 10 2018

Although this isn't the biggest festival weekend in terms of quantity, it is big in quality.

Power funk band Turkuaz gets personal at Songbirds

Published Oct. 10 2018

For their first three albums, Turkuaz, the nine-piece power-funk outfit from New York, tried to copy their live sound in...

'The Old Man and The Old Moon' sets sail at Cumberland County Playhouse

Published Oct. 10 2018

Cumberland County Playhouse will present a captivating musical fable, "The Old Man and The Old Moon," beginning Friday, Oct. 12,...

'Devil's Walk' is Back Alley's Halloween offering

Published Oct. 10 2018

"Devil's Walk," a terrifying stage play inspired by the lore of Nathaniel Hawthorne, will open Friday, Oct. 12, for seven...


Comedian Ron White has a goal: 'I want to go up there and break your face'

Published Oct. 10 2018

Comedian Ron White readily admits that Jeff Foxworthy is largely responsible for at least giving him a big push toward...

Fare Exchange: Another mayo cake, a Fehn's classic and a fall-favorite one-pot meal

Published Oct. 10 2018

On a trip to the not-so-far country this week, some queries floated through autumn air and returned to Chattanooga in...