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Opinion - Columnists

Hart: Tariffs, trade and tyrants

Published May. 24 2019

Democrats agree with Trump that tariffs on China are a good idea.

Dionne: Trump goes on strike

Published May. 24 2019

It's often said that when our founders wrote the Constitution, they had a leader like Donald Trump in mind when...

Kennedy: Can you help us find a lost Frisbee?

Published May. 23 2019

Nancy Tallman, a Hixson retiree, bought a piece of hand-stitched art at the Goodwill store near Northgate Mall back around...

Hudson: Here's how to brighten TVA's future focus

Published May. 23 2019

It's been just over a month since he's taken over the reins of the Tennessee Valley Authority, but new CEO...

Decosimo: Time to face up to education needs

Published May. 22 2019

The Hamilton County Schools' budget proposal has generated a number of comments in the last week or so, not least...

Fisher: Hiding government mistakes won't make government better

Published May. 21 2019

The Hamilton County Board of Education's attorney on Wednesday finally revealed to board members the settlement payout amount of $750,000...

Greeson: Embracing the enthusiasm of folks cheering for that 'try' effort

Published May. 21 2019

There was a gaggle of supporters cheering at the top of the gentle incline of the Walnut Street Bridge on...

Jones, Kelly: A vision worth Investing in

Published May. 20 2019

As Chattanooga's public foundation, we believe that quality public education is essential to a thriving community.

Cook: Tennessee and the god of human violence

Published May. 19 2019

Would Gov. Bill Lee execute King David, too?

Kennedy: There's about a 50-50 chance your college kid is hungry

Published May. 19 2019

College kids are hungry.

Cleaveland: Why immigrants flock to our Southern border

Published May. 19 2019

The images are stark, as another caravan of desperate people sets out from Central America.

Elliott: James Beriah Frazier: Lawyer, governor and senator

Published May. 19 2019

Currently, 57 men have served as governor of Tennessee.

Good Deed: Life Care residents learn about 'Miz Lena'

Published May. 19 2019

With the assistance of Beecher Hunter, CEO, every patient and resident of Life Care Centers of America in Cleveland, Tennessee,...

Greeson: Time for Casada to go as we bid viral sensation Grumpy Cat a fond farewell

Published May. 18 2019

Have you tried the social media app that takes your picture and transposes it to the opposite gender?

Hart: If Joe Biden had a statue, the Left would have to tear it down

Published May. 17 2019

Global warming cheerleaders are disheartened by our cool, wet spring.

Sauerbrei: Support workers' right to vote on union at Volkswagen

Published May. 17 2019

"The labor movement was the principal force that transformed misery and despair into hope and progress."

Mims: Think of national parks during Infrastructure Week

Published May. 17 2019

Our national parks are showing their age.

Greeson: Apologizing for being insensitive or not being politically correct

Published May. 16 2019

Terry Bradshaw apologized earlier this week for calling actor Ken Jeong "that little short guy from Japan." Jeong is a...

Kennedy: Ooltewah High senior makes blankets for babies

Published May. 16 2019

Learning takes different shapes.

Smith: Never confuse leadership with popularity

Published May. 16 2019

On Sept. 30, 1938, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain flew to London from Munich after meeting with Adolf Hitler. He...

Sharp: The Downtown Business Improvement District is a case study of power in Chattanooga

Published May. 14 2019

The Chattanooga City Council soon will consider an ordinance to create a Downtown Business Improvement District. BIDs are common in...

Kennedy: Snow tires and sniffles, the sweet sorrow of teens who leave home

Published May. 12 2019

I never understood why my mother cried when I left home for college.

Cleaveland: Unrelenting attacks on the Affordable Care Act

Published May. 12 2019

Since its ratification in 2010, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has reduced the numbers of Americans without health insurance by...