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Opinion - Columnists

Smith: Are we headed toward our first Civil War?

Published Aug. 16 2018

In my years as a pilot for a major airline, I've spent lots of time in downtown hotels throughout our...

Greeson: Hillary finding wrong ways to stay in conversation

Published Aug. 16 2018

Well, now it's completely political.

Kennedy: Alexian Brothers seek out lonely seniors

Published Aug. 16 2018

In the 14th century, the Black Death killed about one-third of the population of Europe.


Greeson: Blessings of Pop will be remembered

Published Aug. 14 2018

When my father died from brain cancer last week, it left a hole in my soul.

Loftin: Peace and justice memorial offers lynchings 'recovery'

Published Aug. 12 2018

Since the Equal Justice Initiative ( opened the National Memorial for Peace and Justice here in April, it has attracted...

Cook: It's time to ditch plastic straws

Published Aug. 12 2018

Earlier this week, for a few glorious hours, I was like Kim Kardashian.

Kennedy: Nothing's as sweet as two stinking boys

Published Aug. 12 2018

Living with two boys is an exercise in stink management.

Robbins: The history of the Friends of Moccasin Bend National Park

Published Aug. 12 2018

The roots of the Friends of Moccasin Bend National Park go back to 1920, when Adolph Ochs, publisher of The...

Good Deed: Neighbors helping their neighbor

Published Aug. 12 2018

Ten Glass Farm residents, in partnership with Habitat for Humanity and Glass House Collective, celebrated NeighborWorks Week by devoting a...

Levine: Unconscious bias 'R' Us

Published Aug. 10 2018

Who doesn't know about the cops being called on two black men at Starbucks?

Hart: The further adventures of my Drunkle Mac

Published Aug. 10 2018

It is time I stop railing at politicians and start making fun of my family again.

Kennedy: Former McCallie 'Spiritual' now hopping with the Frogs

Published Aug. 9 2018

Please forgive Michael Brown's neighbors in Harrison if they think he's a little daffy.

Thomas: Let Blackburn help Trump with veterans

Published Aug. 8 2018

I served in combat on the rivers in Vietnam with the U.S. Navy, and now I serve my fellow veterans...

Greeson: Tweeter in chief again misses mark on social media

Published Aug. 7 2018

It arrived with the subtlety of a migraine, like the unannounced appearance of your brother-in-law on the porch with a...

Kennedy: There's no place like (a $100-million) home

Published Aug. 5 2018

I grew up in a duplex. Our four-person family occupied one side of a 1,392-square-foot, pre-World War II bungalow purchased...

Alexander: Senate's 'innocent until nominated' habit

Published Aug. 5 2018

The United States Senate has developed a bad habit of treating presidential nominees as "innocent until nominated."

Cook: The Black Panthers and Chattanooga

Published Aug. 5 2018

A Chattanoogan whose life was as crucial, if not more so, to our American democratic story.

Moore: Do you own a Sears Roebuck home?

Published Aug. 5 2018

From 1908 until 1940, a potential homeowner could order an entire house from Sears Roebuck.

Good Deed: Erlanger welcomes teenagers for the annual volunTEEN Program

Published Aug. 5 2018

This summer, Erlanger again welcomed hundreds of teenagers to its campuses for the annual VolunTEEN Program, a way to introduce...

Greeson: The importance of voting, value meals and Saturday stars

Published Aug. 3 2018

Did you vote Thursday? If not, why not?

Hart: Let's just admit that schools lower academic standards for athletes

Published Aug. 3 2018

College football season is just around the corner. It was a mild, wet spring in the South, great for growing...

Kennedy: Notre Dame class of '58 celebrates milestone

Published Aug. 2 2018

It's remarkable how the years melt away when members of the Notre Dame High School Class of 1958 gather for...

Greeson: Commissioner Fields knows it's time for another to serve

Published Aug. 2 2018

The Hamilton County Commission met Wednesday morning. That's not exactly breaking news.