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Opinion - Columnists

Cayce: Camp K success provides 'ready momentum'

Published Oct. 17 2018

We think of summer as a time of childhood bliss, filled with swimming and riding bikes and taking fun vacations.

Greeson: As early voting, Times Free Press endorsements start, become an informed voter

Published Oct. 16 2018

Early voting in Tennessee starts Wednesday.

Cook: Why you should beware of a Chattanooga business improvement district

Published Oct. 14 2018

I first heard of business improvement districts (BIDs) a decade ago, when a friend, Dr. Randall Amster of Georgetown University,...

Kennedy: Revisiting Taiwan, with vigor

Published Oct. 14 2018

At 60, I'm finally ready for college.

Greeson: Swift feedback, illegal formations and a fundraising game changer

Published Oct. 12 2018

We have heard all of the talk about football and the dangers of it.

Hart: To the Left, you are either a tool or an obstacle

Published Oct. 12 2018

The Kavanaugh circus was ugly, but it was good for the country to see how the far left has hijacked...

Levine: She said, he yelled, we all fall down

Published Oct. 12 2018

The Brett Kavanaugh hearing featuring his accuser, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, was an emotional roller coaster for both "witnesses," a...

Greeson: Swift backlash makes little sense in either direction

Published Oct. 11 2018

I am puzzled by this whole Taylor Swift thing.

Greeson: Today's the last chance to make sure you're registered to have a real voice

Published Oct. 9 2018

I asked Sharon Alexander if she was a glutton for punishment.

Kennedy: A digital buried treasure

Published Oct. 7 2018

Today, a gift.

Megathlin: Sir, Ma'am? Or does it matter?

Published Oct. 7 2018

Recently I had occasion to initiate an email to a person whose first name was gender ambiguous.

Robbins: A look at Sam Divine's life during the Civil War

Published Oct. 7 2018

"The Wit & Wisdom of Sam Divine" gives a look at Chattanooga during the Civil War by a well-known resident....


Good Deed: Erlanger nurses team with local nonprofit

Published Oct. 7 2018

Erlanger nurses have teamed up with Chattanooga's Widows Harvest Ministries.

Greeson: Hensley conclusion, drunken birds, cold cash from candy, Saturday stars

Published Oct. 6 2018

Cooler and calmer heads prevailed in Soddy-Daisy, thankfully.

Hart: My colonoscopy, like the Kavanaugh probe results, came back negative

Published Oct. 5 2018

One-in-three folks over 50 who need a colonoscopy fail to have one.

Greeson: Better graduation rates good, but improvement is always the goal

Published Oct. 4 2018

There should be no goal more unifying than the desire for better public schools, regardless of which direction you lean...

Kennedy: Oral history project spotlights Chattanooga women

Published Oct. 4 2018

For a generation of young people who came of age using Snapchat — the digital equivalent of disappearing ink —...

Greeson: A Saturday night special that was far from it

Published Oct. 2 2018

There was a time when "Saturday Night Live" was the heartbeat of the pop culture of this country.

Cook: Why I still believe Christine Blasey Ford

Published Sep. 30 2018

I still believe Christine Blasey Ford.

Kennedy: From the boob tube to YouTube

Published Sep. 30 2018

Smile if you know the name "Mr. Green Jeans."

Robbins: Memories of a Confederate nurse

Published Sep. 30 2018

Kate Cummings treated the South's soldiers during the Civil War and wrote afterwards, "The Journal of a Confederate Nurse." Below...


Stadler: Entertainment has been good for Tennessee

Published Sep. 30 2018

It is hard to understate the value of the TV series, "Nashville," to the state of Tennessee. Coupled with a...

Good Deed: Never too young to volunteer

Published Sep. 30 2018

Brothers Luke and Liam Blevins of Chickamauga, Georgia, delivered canned food collected at the Sept. 21 meeting of the Fort...