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Opinion - Columnists

Cleaveland: Suicide prevention is everyone's responsibility

Published Sep. 15 2019

A phone conversation with our 15-year-old granddaughter reminded me of how far we have come in our awareness of suicide.

Elliott: The Cross on the Chickamauga Battlefield

Published Sep. 15 2019

On the Chickamauga Battlefield the gravel Vittetoe Road, now closed to vehicle traffic, runs along the base of the hill...

Good Deed: Good Guys Moving & Delivery comes in handy

Published Sep. 15 2019

Someone once said, "life's short and furniture is heavy."

Cook: Hamilton County and the medicine of black moral witness

Published Sep. 15 2019

The more I think about it, the angrier I get.

A Baby Boomer's glossary of Gen Z lingo; it's all good

Published Sep. 14 2019

When carpooling kids, I've learned to not insert myself into their conversations.

Loftin: State GOP leaders try to weaponize voter registration

Published Sep. 14 2019

When the General Assembly passed a controversial voter registration law earlier this year, Tennessee Secretary of State Tre Hargett and...

Hart: Virtue signaling easier than solving real problems

Published Sep. 13 2019

Democrats long have tried to cloak themselves in self-aggrandizing, high ideals. They talk about issues that do not exist or...

Levine: It's the environment, stupid

Published Sep. 13 2019

The GOP is determined not to be upended by Sharpiegate.

Kennedy: Hand-built pine coffin built with $71 in Lowe's plywood memorializes a frugal, self-sufficient life

Published Sep. 12 2019

When she was young, Abigail Tulis and her late grandmother, Marianne Tulis, were frequently travel companions.

Greeson: Tennessee leaders happy to include fewer and spend more on elections

Published Sep. 12 2019

As Americans, one goal we should all share is how to make our voting process as easy as possible.

Greeson: ABC asking for questions is fine; let's hope for honest answers from Dems debate

Published Sep. 10 2019

In a couple of days, the trimmed herd of Democrat candidates for president will take the stage in the next...

Cook: Black protest, white silence and the future of a sheriff

Published Sep. 8 2019

In July, a group of 50 suit-and-tie African-American preachers, ministers and supporters stood outside the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office, declaring...

Robbins: Livingood writes about the Chattanooga area before the American Revolution

Published Sep. 8 2019

Dr. James Livingood, professor of history at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, wrote about events before the American Revolution...

Carpenter: Study confirms value of pre-K investment

Published Sep. 8 2019

Vanderbilt University researchers, together with the Annenberg Institute at Brown University, have released a new working paper with major implications...

Cleaveland: Rocketry - from weapons of terror to space exploration

Published Sep. 8 2019

Seventy-five years ago, on Sept. 8, 1944, Nazi Germany launched its first V-2 rocket against England. The missile struck London,...

Good Deed: Nonprofit donates wheelchairs to Parkridge Hospital

Published Sep. 8 2019

Scenic City Friends, a 50+ nonprofit organization of men and women volunteering at Parkridge Health System, recently donated two new...

Greeson: Crazy start to full football weekend, TDOT message, obit observations and Saturday stars

Published Sep. 7 2019

This will be the first full football weekend - high school Friday, college games Saturday and the NFL on Sunday...

Kennedy: Five reasons to avoid houses with wooded lots

Published Sep. 6 2019

I remember when we bought our house on a densely wooded lot on Walden's Ridge. When I asked the previous...

Hart: College football, 'bread and circuses,' is back - and now serving beer

Published Sep. 6 2019

It is an exciting time in the South. When summer's heat subsides and there is a nip in the morning...

Ford: If zoning rules don't fit, just pretend they do

Published Sep. 6 2019

I went to the Aug. 12 meeting of the Hamilton County Regional Planning Commission, which reviewed the application of developer...

Greeson: Wal-Mart's bullet backtrack leads to important questions

Published Sep. 5 2019

Walmart is no longer selling bullets for handguns. The superstore super power is taking other steps in terms of selling...


Kennedy: It's never too late for medical school, even if you haven't been to college

Published Sep. 5 2019

Midlife career changes have become a 21st-century cliche.

Cleaveland: How many people can Earth support?

Published Sep. 1 2019

In 1798, Thomas Robert Malthus, an English cleric and scholar, published anonymously a pamphlet, "An Essay on the Principle of...