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Opinion - Columnists

Greeson: Would you quit your smart phone for a year for $100,000?

Published Dec. 13 2018

Are you addicted to your smart phone?

Kennedy: 'God put us together'

Published Dec. 13 2018

John McFalls, 92, wakes up every morning at 6 a.m. at his ranch house off Lee Highway.

Smith: Hamilton County sheriff's approach to mentally ill is worthy

Published Dec. 13 2018

The Cajun bayou experienced the worst summer of fishing ever - for everyone except Boudreaux, who always caught his limit.

Case: We can all agree on fulfilling dreams for others

Published Dec. 13 2018

We live in a time of constant discord and strife, it seems. Even in the Christmas season most people can't...

Cook: The real Tubman is the one we build together

Published Dec. 9 2018

In 2014, Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke purchased the former Harriet Tubman housing project with a promise: to make the community...

Kennedy: 20th century 'survivors' provide comfort

Published Dec. 9 2018

In the antique car world, autos that have not been repainted or mechanically altered are called "survivors."

Cleaveland: Medicare for all a catchy term, complex idea

Published Dec. 9 2018

Politicians across the political spectrum have advanced 'Medicare for All' as a solution to our nation's continuing struggle to find...

Summers, Robbins: Mine 21 disaster - gone but not forgotten

Published Dec. 9 2018

Thirty-seven years ago on the morning of Dec. 8, 1981, 30 miners rode three miles inside Whitwell Mountain to work...

Local youth recognized for community service with nationwide award

Published Dec. 9 2018

Local 9-year-old Cash Daniels from Chattanooga has been recognized as one of the TruStage Community Spark Award winners, a nationwide...

Greeson: On hot toys, open enrollment, the soccer squareoff and more

Published Dec. 8 2018

I'm not sure about the best way to introduce this topic other than to just jump in, so here goes.

Hart: Google CEO, the next Silicon Valley oligarch, to be grilled by Congress

Published Dec. 7 2018

We don't have royal weddings in America; our spectacle is Congress grilling business executives. Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg appeared earlier in...

Kennedy: From rattan hut to Johns Hopkins Ph.D.

Published Dec. 6 2018

Hey, Signal Mountain 20-somethings. Remember that "Desta" kid from high school? You know, that exchange student from Africa who ran...

Greeson: Erlanger's silent stone tribute to Woodmore Elementary bus crash victims a success

Published Dec. 6 2018

Outside of what soon will be one of our biggest sources of public pride, there was a private moment of...

Greeson: Tyner grad Swayyvo making moves with LeBron

Published Dec. 3 2018

Tyner Academy graduate Swayyvo Morton's song "Zone" was used in an video for LeBron James' return to Cleveland last...

Kennedy: 'Mania-cure' and other simple gifts

Published Dec. 2 2018

Before the Thanksgiving turkey even got cold at our house, talk had turned to Christmas.

Cook: What would Walter Cronkite say about our river?

Published Dec. 2 2018

We wouldn't be Chattanooga without the Tennessee River.

Cleaveland: Dire warnings for climate change

Published Dec. 2 2018

Without dramatic, sustained national and international intervention, our way of life faces unprecedented threats from accelerated climate change.

Community Voices: Everyone benefits from a cleaner and safer downtown Chattanooga

Published Dec. 2 2018

If you spend time in downtown Chattanooga, you have probably experienced these scenarios:

Good Deed: Chattanooga State students support breast cancer strides

Published Dec. 2 2018

In a little over two short weeks, Chattanooga State Community College students in the Radiologic Technology Student Society raised $2,185...

Elliott: Collegedale incorporates to avoid Sunday 'blue laws'

Published Dec. 2 2018

Nov. 26, 2018, marked the 50th anniversary of the vote to incorporate the Collegedale community as a Tennessee municipality.

Greeson: Reader lawsuit, taking offense, voters needed and Saturday's star

Published Nov. 30 2018

We like to explore a variety of topics on Saturday, and today — the first day of December — is...

Loftin: Help ex-felons get their vote back

Published Nov. 30 2018

"I believe in love and charity and goodness and kindness, and I believe that when a man is down —...

Greeson: Hanging and gliding makes Florida fellow online hit

Published Nov. 29 2018

America is now well aware of Chris Gursky.