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Opinion - Columnists

Cook: How to travel the world without leaving home

Published Jul. 14 2019

Long before she swam with bull sharks in Fiji or wept with Buddhist nuns in Cambodia or heard the voice...

Cleaveland: Poor and sick in Tennessee

Published Jul. 14 2019

Stevie and Lisa, a middle-aged couple, dealt with complex, chronic illnesses, lack of health insurance and no access to professional...

Robbins: Author examines some of Chattanooga's earliest residents and visitors

Published Jul. 14 2019

Dr. James Livingood, historian and author, wrote in " Chattanooga, An Illustrated History, 1980" about the area's "First Residents and...

Good Deed: Maclellan Shelter for Families benefits from Family Dinner Week

Published Jul. 14 2019

Owners of Chicken-with-Bones, Embargo 62, Stir and State of Confusion partnered to support homeless families by participating in "Family Dinner...

Greeson: Goodbye, Starbucks, the next trend, bless her heart and Saturday stars

Published Jul. 13 2019

I have bought my last cup, bag or anything related to Starbucks.

Berke: 'No Hate' Act shines light into darkness

Published Jul. 13 2019

As I pointed out when I announced the Council Against Hate last year, Tennessee occupies an uncomfortable leadership position among...

Kennedy: Why does 1969 feel like yesterday? I blame Woodstock, Neil Armstrong, Charles Manson and John Wayne

Published Jul. 12 2019

Here's a curious thing about getting older: Sometimes things that happened 50 years ago seem more real than things that...

Hart: Betsy Ross was a boss, not Kaepernick

Published Jul. 12 2019

Last year, Nike tied itself to the muddled message of professional malcontent Colin Kaepernick.

Levine: Our military deserved better

Published Jul. 12 2019

Fireworks and picnics, flags and "My Country 'Tis of Thee," have been the must-haves of our July Fourth celebrations for...

Greeson: Hearing the other side a vital first step

Published Jul. 11 2019

The conversation we started in this space Tuesday generated a lot of response.

Kennedy: Miss Tennessee Volunteer has small-town roots, big-time heart

Published Jul. 11 2019

We are having a "bless their hearts" moment in Tennessee.

Greeson: Rooting against America is so not-1969

Published Jul. 9 2019

I'm not sure that nostalgia technically covers it, but two images of Sunday made me realize how far off course...


Sharp: City, county should close loophole in Volkswagen tax break agreement

Published Jul. 8 2019

Did you know that Volkswagen does not pay its school property taxes in full because of a sweetheart arrangement whereby...

Lennon: Hamilton County commissioners fail to address student needs

Published Jul. 8 2019

I am disappointed in the five Hamilton County commissioners who voted last month to approve an amendment to the proposed...

McNally: New trade agreement puts American workers first

Published Jul. 8 2019

While political analysts and historians will debate the reason for Donald Trump's surprise 2016 victory for many years, one issue...

Cook: This is what racial reconciliation can look like

Published Jul. 7 2019

More than a century after the lynching murder of Ed Johnson, the healing work continues.

Elliott: A look at Hamilton County's Tennessee Historical Commission markers

Published Jul. 7 2019

Those with an interest in local history value the familiar gray and black Tennessee Historical Commission markers topped with the...

Cleaveland: Declaration of aspirations

Published Jul. 7 2019

The significance of our national holidays is easily lost among peripheral events tailored to each occasion. Barbecues, fireworks, concerts, and...

Good Deed: EMS Week Bass Tournament benefits two charities

Published Jul. 7 2019

The EMS Week Bass Tournament, held in May, pits emergency medical service, fire and police personnel in the tri-state area...

Kennedy: Top 5 foods for teenage boys are Chick-fil-A, Lay's potato chips, hot dogs, doughnuts and pepperoni pizza

Published Jul. 5 2019

According to Better Homes & Gardens magazine, the Top 5 superfoods for teenagers are, in order: orange juice, wild berries,...

Greeson: Colin, controversy rather than candles soil America's birthday

Published Jul. 4 2019

Happy birthday, America.

Hart: Celebrating the Fourth of July with food, fireworks and our founders

Published Jul. 4 2019

"I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree...

Kennedy: Orange Grove staff provides comfort to families

Published Jul. 4 2019

Karen LaGraff lives every day under the influence of gratitude.