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Opinion - Columnists

DeLoach: Easter showcases power of forgiveness

Published Apr. 21 2019

Many things come to mind when we think of Easter. Forgiveness kept coming to the forefront of my mind the...

Kennedy: Sometimes 'unlucky' is the kindest word

Published Apr. 21 2019

There's a word used habitually by soccer coaches that I've never heard used in any other sport. The word is:...

Cleaveland: Remembering the presidency of Dwight D. Eisenhower

Published Apr. 21 2019

Fifty years ago, on March 28, 1969, our 34th president, Dwight David Eisenhower, died at Walter Reed Army Hospital.


Gaston: Paul John Kruesi was Edison's right-hand man

Published Apr. 21 2019

The Kruesi family has made significant contributions to Chattanooga since Paul John Kruesi moved here in 1902 to organize the...

Good Deed: Chattanooga area sponsors benefit Ooltewah Harrison Education Foundation

Published Apr. 21 2019

The Ooltewah Harrison Education Foundation (known as D9 for District 9) has been helping students in this area for several...

Cook: The future of the Garden of Eden

Published Apr. 20 2019

Jesus said to consider the lilies of the field.

Hart: Tiger pause ends, shows the remarkable redemptive nature of America

Published Apr. 19 2019

Tiger Woods, who became his own cautionary tale, made his redemptive comeback and won the Masters after 3,950 days since...

Kennedy: One baby, or two? Signal Mountain couple had two hours to decide.

Published Apr. 18 2019

On a late-summer afternoon in September 2017, a Signal Mountain couple, Charlie and Brittany Dolan, were given just two hours...

Greeson: Stories of prayers answered on tap for area prayer breakfast

Published Apr. 18 2019

The Chattanooga Area Prayer Breakfast is an annual treat: The fellowship and the foundation are first rate; the purpose of...

Greeson: Tiger's triumph actually gets Trump, Obama on same page

Published Apr. 16 2019

There is no debating that we are more divided than ever.

McCright: A call to action on housing the mentally ill in Chattanooga

Published Apr. 15 2019

With more than 6,000 rental units in Hamilton County, the Chattanooga Housing Authority is the largest provider of affordable rental...

Cook: Chattanooga and the Little White Lie

Published Apr. 14 2019

Thursday evening inside a Chattanooga Convention Center ballroom, Mayor Andy Berke will give his sixth State of the City address.


Hill: Real choices for every child

Published Apr. 14 2019

I have two children. One thrives in the spotlight. The other wants to know how everything works.

Cleaveland: Meditations on the future

Published Apr. 14 2019

For most political leaders, the future is that interval between now and the next election.

Kennedy: Quirks and perks of Chattanooga Football Club, Red Wolves

Published Apr. 14 2019

It pleases us to report that more than 7,600 people paid to watch soccer in Chattanooga last Saturday (April 6).

Robbins: The old Richardson's house and the Civil War

Published Apr. 14 2019

"The Wit and Wisdom of Sam Divine" gives a look at post-Civil War Chattanooga by one of its best known...

Good Deed: Chattanooga State's philanthropic electricians

Published Apr. 14 2019

The Chattanooga Autism Center has needed more space for several years. Thousands of people in our region need better access...

Greeson: Hating on hate, Trump debating Trump, a great play and obit observations

Published Apr. 13 2019

Hey, Chattanooga's mayor is against hate.

Hart: Brexit's success foretold Trump's election

Published Apr. 12 2019

Economists in Great Britain and the EU predicted that the UK's economy would collapse if it voted for Brexit.

Levine: Women, guns, but no roses

Published Apr. 12 2019

Years ago, I sat on a bench in a neighborhood park watching my toddler play in the sandbox.

Kennedy: Calhoun, Georgia, man traverses Saudi desert

Published Apr. 11 2019

In another era, Joe Norman might have been called a vagabond. He even has a nickname worthy of a wayfarer,...


Greeson: San Diego Zoo comes across country to make sick kids smile

Published Apr. 11 2019

There was a story in Tuesday's San Diego Tribune about the fine folks at the San Diego Zoo finding a...

Greeson: Super support for Scenic City sports Saturday night

Published Apr. 9 2019

This is an easy time to get excited about sports.