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Opinion - Free Press Editorials

Cooper: Space force no laughing matter

Published Aug. 14 2018

The Trump administration announced earlier this month it wanted to establish a United States Space Force, a separate and distinct...

Cooper's Eye on the Left: Face of Democrats showing wear

Published Aug. 13 2018

She's a college graduate?

Cooper: Medicare for all just doesn't add up

Published Aug. 12 2018

If you haven't seen or heard the acronym M4A, you will.

Cooper: Obama-era IRS scandal settled

Published Aug. 10 2018

Former President Barack Obama frequently likes to repeat the myth that his administration was devoid of scandal, but the repetition...

Cooper: Area students buck faith trend

Published Aug. 10 2018

Generation Z, which includes those students currently in high school, is the least Christian generation to date, according to a...

Cooper: Magistrates all signed agreements

Published Aug. 10 2018

This week's Hamilton County magistrate overpayment kerfuffle reminds us of the title of a middling 1960s comedy film, "Who's Minding...

Cooper: Bredesen deceptive out of the box

Published Aug. 8 2018

Well, that didn't take long.

Cooper: Is 'Q' the Tea Party of 2018?

Published Aug. 7 2018

Remember the tea party?

Cooper's Eye on the Left: You mean illegals are illegal?

Published Aug. 6 2018

It's the law, Senator!

Cooper: Probe reaches its terrible twos

Published Aug. 5 2018

It seems instructive to point out that two years ago last week, on July 31, 2016, to be exact, the...

Cooper: Lee stayed above the fray

Published Aug. 3 2018

Franklin, Tenn., businessman Bill Lee threaded the needle between two better financed opponents who constantly attacked each other, cast himself...

Cooper: District 26 twists may be oddest

Published Aug. 3 2018

State and local elections Thursday produced few surprises other than Republican gubernatorial nominee Bill Lee's sizable victory.

Cooper: We're last in early voting

Published Aug. 3 2018

On Thursday, Tennesseans selected nominees for their next governor, United States senator and state legislators and made their final picks...

Cooper: When the new economic normal's not

Published Aug. 1 2018

The cliff the country nearly fell off in 2016 cannot be emphasized enough.

Cooper's Eye on the Left: Trolling for 'Supreme' dirt

Published Jul. 30 2018

How desperate is the left for anything that could ruin the chances of Supreme Court justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh?

Cooper: Reason they cling to Trump

Published Jul. 29 2018

Randy Boyd's Republican gubernatorial primary campaign has taken to referring to one of his competitors derisively in recent weeks as...

Cooper: Free Press editorial page endorsements

Published Jul. 28 2018

Saturday is the last day of early voting in the county general and state and federal primary elections.

Cooper: Removing pharmacists' 'gags'

Published Jul. 27 2018

Today, your pharmacist may not be able to inform you that your prescription would cost you less if you paid...

Cooper: District 30 race in the mud

Published Jul. 27 2018

We continue to be saddened by the tone of the Republican primary race for the District 30 seat in the...

Cooper: Open seats monetarily competitive

Published Jul. 25 2018

Candidates running in primaries for two open seats in the Hamilton County legislative delegation amassed nearly $127,000 in contributions for...

Cooper: Voting - too few or too many

Published Jul. 24 2018

Nary a week goes by that some Democrat somewhere isn't ranting about Republicans trying to prevent people from voting.


Cooper's Eye on the Left: 'His greatest disappointment'

Published Jul. 23 2018

Far left Democratic funder George Soros doesn't believe he got his money's worth in former President Barack Obama. Indeed, he...

Cooper: Dirtying our mailboxes, ears

Published Jul. 22 2018

Every day, Tennesseans return from their mailboxes with a strong desire to wash their hands.