Fall fashion trends

New looks for 2010 range from starched to shimmery

Fashion trends for fall alternate between funky and formal.

Bow ties are back. Black slacks hit their stride. Women's fashions, meanwhile, get a sprinkle of glitter.

"There's a lot to wear this season, and a lot of ways to update what's already in your closet," said Maggie Dosch, Dillard's assistant manager.

The little black dress can be coaxed to work night and day, she said.

"If you have a plain black dress already hanging in your closet, embellish it with a bold necklace or a versatile circle scarf," Dosch said. "The circle scarf is one of the trendiest pieces of the season."

The ends of a circle scarf have been sewn together, allowing the wearer to create interesting looks, Dosch said.

"You can update a plain T-shirt with a circle scarf wearing it with a jacket," she said.