In-town Gallerie's Spring Showcase starts today

Every spring, In-Town Gallery clears its walls, and members bring their most recent work to debut in "Spring Showcase." Opening today and with a special reception on Friday from 5 to 8 p.m., the exhibit offers visitors an opportunity to view paintings, photographs, pottery, jewelry and objects constructed from stained glass, wood, metal and fiber. Each original work was created by one of the gallery's 30 artists.

In addition, "Spring Showcase" introduces two members inducted into the gallery in the past six months.

Mary Clor is a jewelry artist who combines her engineering knowledge with her creative side to produce sterling-silver and gold-filled wearable art.

Clor said she "fell into" designing jewelry about three years ago when she and her husband were in Tucson, Ariz. Their hiking trip was canceled and so, on her free day, Clor took a jewelry-making class.