Outdoor gear startup Granola wins prize in 'Will this Float?' competition

photo Emcee Nancy Patterson address the crowd gathered for Will This Float? at the Chattanooga Public Library's 4th Floor on Tuesday.


1st place - Granola - An outdoor gear company2nd place - Temperate - A made-in-America clothing line3rd place -- Gludi, a mobile app to help patients manage Type II DiabetesSource: "Will this Float?"

An 18-month-old outdoor gear company took the top prize at the Co.Lab's "Will this Float?" startup competition Tuesday night.

The company, Granola, sells high-quality, locally made outdoor gear ranging from backpacks to chalk bags, and is already available in regional stores.

"We pitched to nine retailers and so far we're nine for nine," cofounder Conner Scott said. He added that Chattanooga-based Rock/Creek Outfitters just agreed to carry the Granola line in its stores.