Kennedy: Mannerly but not that mild

Mild-mannered. Adjective. "Gentle and not given to extremes of emotion."

- Oxford American Dictionary

Mild-mannered. Gentle. Not emotional.

So, here's today's question: All things being equal, would you consider it a compliment or a put-down to be called mild-mannered? Put another way: Is being mild-mannered a virtue or does it mark you as a wimp?

I found myself asking that question after somebody recently referred to me in public as a mild-mannered editor. It set me to thinking about what personality traits our culture values, and whether good manners and a mild personality are still a plus in today's hair-on-fire world.

Clark Kent, the mild-mannered reporter and alter ego of Superman, seemed to make out pretty well. And doesn't the Bible promise that the meek will inherit the earth?

On the other hand, mild-mannered sort of sounds like a side effect of Low-T.