Tennessee Sen. Todd Gardenhire is 1-1 on education legislation for immigrants

photo Todd Gardenhire

NASHVILLE - Sen. Todd Gardenhire's now 1-1 on his two bills delving into the controversial issue of in-state college tuition rates and illegal immigration.

Senators overwhelmingly voted 20-9 Monday night to grant in-state tuition rates to U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants. The bill now goes to the House.

But the Chattanooga Republican shelved his second, more controversial measure that sought to grant in-state tuition to children who are here illegally but have spent at least five years attending Tennessee schools and graduated high school with a B average.

He said he didn't have enough votes to get that measure through the Senate Education Committee on which he serves.

Happy over passage of the first measure, Gardenhire attributed lack of support in the GOP-controlled Senate on the second bill to "misinformation" peddled by outside groups and his inability to fully educate colleagues.