Auto supplier to build $4 million plant in Ooltewah, add 89 jobs

An automobile floor mat. Photo courtesy Remington.
photo An automobile floor mat. Photo courtesy Remington.

RemSourceUSA, Inc., a leading automotive accessory manufacturer, announced today it will build a $4 million plant in Ooltewah and add 89 jobs.

The automotive supplier, an affiliated company of Remington Industries, Inc. and Remington Global Inc., will manufacture injection molded plastic parts and compound rubber parts from a 63,000 square foot facility in Ooltewah.

"Chattanooga offers excellent infrastructure, a competent workforce and a strategic location that allows us to be the envy of our competition offering products made in the USA," Tim Parkes, Chairman and CEO of Remington Industries, said in a statement today. "For the North American market, Chattanooga is the ultimate logistical location to optimally support our customers' ever-changing needs."