TVA turns to gas, renewables, efficiency in new era of slower growth in power

The idle Bellefonte Nuclear Plant is seen in Hollywood, Ala.

Electricity demand in the Tennessee Valley is projected to grow at the slowest rate in TVA history over the next two decades, negating the need for the federal utility to build new nuclear or coal-fired power plants until after 2030 at the earliest.

photo Miles Teems, president of Teems Electric and Fuel-A-New, talks about compressed natural gas fuel at Mach Fuel's Fuel-A-New in Ringgold, Ga.

TVA power future

Nuclear TVA will complete Watts Bar Unit 2 by the end of this year and pursue additional power uprates at all three Browns Ferry units to add 400 megawatts by 2023. TVA also will continue work on Small Modular Reactors as part of TVA's technology innovation efforts in conjunction with the Department of Energy but only if it makes economic sense.