No easy answers forthcoming when the mind's involved

Women from the Islamic Society of Greater Chattanooga attend an interfaith service at Olivet Baptist Church the day after a Chattanooga man, whose motive may never be known, killed four Marines and a Navy petty office at the U.S. Naval and Marine Reserve Center on Amnicola Highway.

The brightest scientists, neurologists and psychologists don't know exactly how the mind works and how things influence the mind in the way they do, so we are left to speculate. When tragedy happens, we point fingers at things we don't understand. We blame this influence or that. We make broad assumptions, some of which are probably true and some of which most assuredly are not.

Even now, authorities continue to comb through the personal items of Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez and talk to his friends and acquaintances to learn the motivation behind the 24-year-old Hixson man's shooting to death of four Marines and a Navy petty officer on July 16.

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Meanwhile, a 22-year-old Chattanoogan Aaron Roden has been released from jail and has apologized for a drug-induced, middle-of-the-night rampage that caused $60,000 in damage at Westview Elementary School and more at Erlanger hospital almost a year ago.