Chattanooga Marines return to work after attack

Tennessee Riverpark also reopens for first time since shooting

Servicemen in uniform prepare to enter the U.S. Naval and Marine Reserve Center on Wednesday after officials reopened the Riverpark recreation area late Tuesday evening.

It's still so emotional. They were all just kids.

Plywood still covered a door and window at the U.S. Naval and Marine Reserve Center off Amnicola Highway on Wednesday, and blue tarps still hung over some vehicles in the parking lot.

A single Chattanooga police car guarded the entrance to the site, where a gunman smashed through the gate on July 16 and opened fire in an attack that killed five men. Now a shiny silver gate stands in place of the one destroyed in the attack.

Five men killed, and five funerals in five days across the United States. The last was buried Tuesday.

On Wednesday, men and women in uniform passed through the new gate and under the half-staff American flag, passed by the plywood and the blue tarps and into the red brick building.