Chattanooga doctor becomes 'world's first' 10 gig residential customer

Radiologist Jim Busch stands in his McCallie Avenue office Friday, October 23, 2015.

Dr. Jim Busch got bragging rights Tuesday as the first person in the world to have a 10- gigabit-per-second residential Internet connection installed in his home.

At least, that's what EPB announced Friday, exactly one week after the Chattanooga utility announced it would amp up the speed of its single-gig Internet service to 10 gigs for residents willing to shell out $299 a month.

Busch, a radiologist and entrepreneur who has an 1800s-era home in Battery Place, a downtown Chattanooga neighborhood overlooking the Tennessee River, was the first to bite.

"When I heard about the 10- gig thing, I thought, 'I definitely want to try that,'" he said.

Busch needs it for work. He's president of Diagnostic Radiology Consultants and frequently needs to download and upload massive diagnostic image files while he's at home.