Consumer Watch: Tips for having a safe Halloween

When trick or treating, tell your children to approach only clearly lit homes and to never go inside.
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Readers always ask for a repeat of previous Halloween columns about child safety. These strategies help to keep kids safe on the scariest night of the year, mostly compliments of Cathy Lewandowski, AT&T's marketing director.

This is a great time to give your young witches and goblins a cell phone, regardless if they normally use one or not. (And does anyone over the age of 5 not carry a cell these days?) Activate old phones with a prepaid calling card and fully charge them before Count Dracula, Witchipoo and your smallest Ninja Turtle begin their evening entertainment. Program emergency numbers as a speed dial; the numbers also can be programmed as I-C-E (in case of emergency), which is a good idea for anyone's phone at any time.