Tribute rises: Massive sculpture celebrates lives of Chattanooga's five fallen heroes

A crane raises a 65-foot-tall sculpture Tuesday, September 1, 2015, at the Sculpture Fields at Montague Park as a tribute to honor the five military members who were slain in July. Artist Peter Lundberg created the sculpture, named Anchors.

My sculpture can't do anything to bring back those lives we lost, but the word 'celebration' is appropriate. I think what's important is that we celebrate their lives and pay tribute in the finest way we can.

The strain of moving metal reverberated over Sculpture Fields at Montague Park as people gathered to watch a crane lift a 65-foot-tall sculpture from the earth.

Anchors, a concrete-and-metal piece by international artist Peter Lundberg, was pulled from the ground where the cement had been poured and it was dedicated to five servicemen killed or mortally wounded in the July 16 attack.

"This celebration of life and art is the first Sculpture Fields event to take place in the park," said John Henry, the sculpture park's founder who also is a sculptor.