Chattanooga program wants artists to be inspired by the city and by conversations with local residents

Dallas-based artist Ryder Richards spent a month in Chattanooga, creating pieces based on the CIA destruction of hard drives containing information about torture.
photo Ryder Richards used an acid bath as one of his methods to damage or destroy hard drives for his artwork. He also used salt and a hammer. The work was partially inspired by news reports that the CIA says it lost 6,700 pages of data related to torture because of hard-drive failures.

Ryder Richards is a veteran of the artist-in-residence world, having done nine in various cities around the country over the years. The Dallas-based artist likes to bring his own ideas and skills, then make new art based on what he sees and the people he meets in the new city.

Richards, 39, is the first resident in the new Artist Residency Chattanooga program created by local art advocates Aaron Cowan and Adam Kirby.