Chattanooga artist draws from worldwide experiences, influences

Julie Bauer uses acrylics for her large-scale abstract works of art, many of which can be found at a temporary exhibition at Reflections Gallery.
photo Originally from Munich, Germany, artist Julie Bauer says she and her family plan to make Chattanooga their home for the foreseeable future.

From Munich, Germany, to Shanghai, China, Julie Bauer has lived all over the world. Now, the artist has made Chattanooga her home, and her work, with its worldwide influences, is featured at Reflections Gallery.

Bauer grew up in a family that considered antiques and artwork to be important, and her family instilled a love for both local and foreign art in her from a young age. Over the years, her own work has taken on more influences from artists in China, as well as Australia, such as the artists who encouraged her aboriginal tribal art.

Mostly large-scale acrylic abstract works, Bauer's work is being showcased at Reflections Gallery through July 22.

When she isn't painting, Bauer loves to teach her passion to others. Her advocacy for art began through a nonprofit called Sprouting in Shanghai, where she went with other volunteers to rural areas around the city for art education. She often had kids paint with natural materials and without brushes, a practice she picked up during her time in Australia learning about aboriginal art.

Now that she is showcasing her work in Chattanooga, she is also branching into teaching here, through art workshops for children at Art Creations near Hamilton Place mall. Soon, she said, she hopes to expand her workshop options.

"I want to give back and inspire other people to open their minds to work creatively," said Bauer. "My approach is very open. My art is nonfigurative."

For more information on Bauer's work, visit her website or view her work at Reflections Gallery at 6922 Lee Highway.