Mountain Top Toys marks 2,000th rewards program recipient

Mountain Top Toys recognizes its 2,000th customer to receive loyalty points from the store's rewards program. Tonya Campbbell is pictured with her two sons.

As most people are aware, shopping on the mountain helps the local economy by keeping those dollars in the community. Some mountain businesses have taken that a bit further by offering rewards programs that give back to customers for their loyalty.

Since instituting its rewards program in October 2013, Mountain Top Toys has given $20,000 in loyalty rewards to customers through its rewards program, according to store owner and Mountain Business Association President Patrick Holland.

"That's money that goes right back into our local economy by staying in our customers' pockets," he said.

For every dollar spent at Mountain Top, customers receive a loyalty point. Once a customer has collected 100 points, they can be redeemed for a $10 discount to apply toward purchases on the customer's next visit.

Last week, the store recognized its 2,000th and 2,001st reward recipients with 100 loyalty points each, Holland said.