North Shore's newest fitness boutique offers women unique full body workouts

The Flexline Cable System in use behind Andrea Leen reduces strain on the body.

State-of-the-art, non-motorized curved treadmills, a Flexline Cable System for upper body and core strength and a concept unlike anywhere else. This is what Jack, Michele and Taylor Silberman believe make their new fitness boutique, Vive, unique.

photo The Flexline System is by no means easy, as Jamie Quatro demonstrates.

"This is a whole new concept in fitness. It's not new as far as group personal training or women coming together to train, but the things that we are doing are unlike anywhere else," Jack Silberman says. "Some of these machines, there are only four other places in the country that have [them] at all."

Following more than 30 years in the fitness industry, he says he always knew his passion for helping others achieve their fitness goals could lead to a full-time endeavor. And now, with Vive, a membership-based women-only studio on Cherokee Boulevard, that dream is a reality.

Machines such as the Silbermans' Flexline replace the need for bulky weights and provide a unique way for Vive members to achieve the overall workout they desire without too much strain on any particular part of the body, he explains. And with vigilant heart-rate monitoring throughout the workout, each member can ensure she is reaching her optimum heart rate - and getting her money's worth.

"Each station of [the machine] has a different exercise image that corresponds," says Jack Silberman. " Women always say they need to use light weight for a long period of time to avoid bulk, but the key to that is to do so for a long enough period of time to elongate the muscle."

photo Karen Culp hits one of the rotating workout stations.

And, with each exercise on the machine lasting only 60 seconds, each exercise is manageable. Plus, since the weight on the Flexline can be adjusted with the push of a button, muscles are kept taut throughout the duration of the workout.

"That's the goal, to keep people in that zone on these cable systems," he says. "It's amazing what you can do with cables."

Each Vive class is comprised of 24 women working rotating (and ever-changing) modules with four women in each group. After 60 minutes, every woman can leave knowing she completed a full-body workout, Jack Silberman adds.

He also notes that special features such as the non-motorized treadmills utilized in various components of the workout mean speed is generated with motion, allowing the body to burn 30 percent more calories, which keep burning long after the workout ends.

"The curvature of these treadmills allows your body to run a lot more fluidly, too," he says. " This is all very new now, but in a few years this could all become the industry standard."

If all goes according to plan, Silberman himself hopes to bring the Vive concept to other cities soon, making Chattanooga a true trend-setter.