Business Spotlight: May Flowers gets new space with same charm

May Flowers has a new North Shore location directly on Market Street.
May Flowers has a new North Shore location directly on Market Street.
photo May Flowers does everything from centerpieces and large-scale decorations to personal flowers like bouquets and corsages.

Year opened: 2012

New location: 800 N. Market St.

Old location: Hanover Street in Riverview

Why the move? Owner Christy Staven shared her space in Riverview with Southern Niceties, but when that shop's owners sold the business and closed up shop, May Flowers was left in a too-large space not fitting for a floral wedding shop. "We wanted something with a studio setting," Staven said. "Somewhere we could bring in clients for consultation." In addition, the new storefront is in a high-traffic section of the North Shore, something Staven hopes will provide visibility for her shop.

Flower power: Staven estimates her business does around 100 weddings a year, varying in size and scope. Clients can contact the store anywhere from a few months before the wedding to over a year out from the big event. May Flowers doesn't just do weddings, either, although that is the majority of the business.

Pricing: The store's pricing varies as wildly as the weddings it does. Staven said the staff has put together simple personal flowers like corsages and bouquets for some weddings and decorations for entire floor plans for others.

Favorite wedding done: "I like to say I'm proud of all the work that I do, and that I work to create a unique wedding for each bride," Staven said. She does like it when she can get creative, though. A recent wedding featured long, family-style tables the bride wanted draped in eucalyptus and other greenery. Staven also relishes the opportunity to work with new venues.

The process: Staven and her employees host numerous meetings with prospective couples before their big day to ensure everything is in order. Late changes such as seating arrangements and numbers of guests can also be accommodated. Once every detail has been established, Staven's crew delivers and sets everything up immediately preceding the event.

Contact: Visit or call 486-5320.

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