With the capping of planning initiative, stakeholders are moving to implement region's 40-year vision

The Thrive 2055 Regional Partnership

As an organization dedicated to the regional vision and mission that grew out of the three-year planning process, the Thrive 2055 Regional Partnership will be the leading organization focused on the tristate, 16-county region around Chattanooga.By using data, collaboration and the art of convening regional dialogue on a broad scale, Thrive will continue to engage the region in innovative and community-driven approaches to growth. The Regional Partnership will:* Coordinate efforts among jurisdictional transportation planning organizations toward regional objectives* Facilitate coordination among land trusts, conservationists and outdoor recreation groups for the preservation and conservation of the region’s natural, cultural and historic treasures* Think far beyond the horizon, taking into account future technologies and advances that will ultimately effect the tristate region* Collect, analyze and present regional data that is responsive to the goals of the Thrive 2055 Strategic Action Plan* Strategically empower communities to access regional resources and self-design local solutions to the region’s most pressing issues* Be accountable to the integrity of the Thrive 2055 planning initiative’s promises and intentions to be fair and equally concerned with the entire tristate region

When hundreds of business, government and community leaders began convening in 2012 to create a sustainable vision for the tristate, 16-county region around Chattanooga, they had notions of what they wanted the region to look like in 40 years: an economically prosperous community of 1.4