New committee aims to give all students equal chance at success

Members of UnifiEd's new APEX project steering committee pose together after being selected from a pool of 100 candidates last month.

APEX project steering committee members

District 1: Lisa Bolus, Suzanne Ness, Steve SlaterDistrict 2: Richard Graham, Annie Hall, Alayna BakerDistrict 3: Gladys Pineda-Loher, Jim Watson, Fran QuarlesDistrict 4: Frida Uwimana, Samantha Boucher, Lili ReynoldsDistrict 5: Jamie Petty, Michael R. Harris, Rodney JohnsonDistrict 6: Ariel Ford, Lorean Mays, Tara VilandDistrict 7: Jessica T. Phillips, Tamarah R. Daniel, Reginald GilmoreDistrict 8: Elizabeth Tallman, Kimberly Mathis, Cary GarrettDistrict 9: Marie Dean, Jennie Moreland, Rachel Turner

After sifting through a pool of more than 100 applicants, local nonprofit UnifiEd has chosen 27 community members to aid in its efforts to promote equity throughout the county's 79 public schools.

The announcement comes as the next step in the education advocacy organization's Action Plan for Educational Excellence, or APEX, project. Launched in August with a series of discussion driven "EdTalk" gatherings, the project aims to craft a policy that would ensure all Hamilton County Schools students have the resources they need to succeed, regardless of socioeconomic status.