Fare Exchange: Chicken dish rich in butter, cream, Indian spices

bakery background
photo Jane Henegar

Good morning, culinary correspondents. Before you taste today's varied recipes, consider what's needed: Can you provide an answer or two?

First, someone is longing for old-fashioned pocketbook yeast rolls, served up with careful directions for folding and baking.

Jane Guthrie reminisces: "My childhood memories of kitchen were of my grandmother when they lived on Walnut where the Provident Cafeteria is now at her kitchen 'bar' with flour flying everywhere, making what we called pocketbook yeast rolls. I have that recipe somewhere but was never successful as she was. There is a woman in Cleveland who makes them, and we give a tin of them at Christmas as neighborhood gifts so good."

Secondly, A.E. is looking for help in changing to a diet heavy in vegetables and fruits.