Local dads' double lives as musicians have positives for family

Steve O'Neil and his son Lyles share a love of music.
photo Randy Steele and the Slim Pickens Band

The life of a touring musician can be intense. The long drives; the crowded clubs; the screaming girls - who are not just in the audience.

Having a 12-year-old daughter at home makes for some dramatic moments for Chattanooga banjo player Randy Steele.

Last winter, Steele's bluegrass band Slim Pickins booked a show in New York City.

"My daughter really, really wanted to go. She was so mad when she didn't get to. She's held a grudge," Steele says. Then, this spring, Steele was named a finalist in Asheville, North Carolina's LEAF Festival singer-songwriter competition - another event that his daughter could not attend. "She has school! She has soccer!" Steele says.