Cooper: Left's election rhetoric never over

The rhetoric of former Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, in saying her Republican opponent would become "the legal governor of Georgia," is what the next two years in politics is likely to look like.

If you thought the semi-concessions by candidates for governor in Georgia and Florida and United States Senate in Florida were the last you'd hear of election wrangling until the 2020 presidential campaign gets cranked up, think again.

For Democrats, you might just say the recounts in Georgia and Florida were the opening salvo for the next round of elections.

And, yes, any election between now and then that has a whiff of a chance to be competitive will be treated the same way by the party that gained back control of the U.S House earlier this month. Expect fly-ins from Hollywood celebrities, appearances from potential presidential candidates, money coming in as if there were no tomorrow.

Expect challenges of election rules and voter purges, more fights against the use of photo IDs, charges of rigging elections and racism and keeping voters from polls, and dragged out recounts if there's a close race.