Side Orders: Have Nutty Caramel Corn ready for nibbling when the nip comes

Caramel corn is chock full of nuts and makes a great snack for football parties or a quiet night at home in front of the fire.
photo Anne Braly

With August in our rear-view mirrors, we welcome September. In my mind, it's in the running for best month of the year. I look forward to the first pumpkins, our muscadine grapes maturing on the vine, the first blush of color on our gorgeous mountainsides. It's a breathtaking time of year. Of course, we want the warm days to stretch out just a bit longer, minus the extreme heat and humidity. But at the same time, we yearn for those first nippy evenings when we can retreat to our living rooms and light a fire.

Apples will soon come to market; pumpkins will fill roadside stands; grapes will turn into wine; gardens will give a final deep breath before collapsing into the soil; and county fairs will open around the country.