Collegedale is a 'good, safe place'

Imagination Station

This is the place for people who love the outdoors.

Ben Wygal looks like a business executive who just stepped out of a Chamber of Commerce meeting as he stands smartly dressed in a coat and tie in front of hundreds of children and their parents playing at Imagination Station in Collegedale. He's the only person wearing a tie anywhere near the city hall complex.

Wygal, a retired college president and health care executive, chose to retire in Collegedale 17 years ago. The easy assumption is that Wygal retired to Collegedale in 2002 because of his roots in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. After all, the presence of Southern Adventist University, founded in 1892, and McKee Foods Corporation, founded in 1934, has caused the community of 12,000 to be known as an Adventist.