Side Orders: Make Labor Day easy with short ribs

Closeup of pork ribs grilled with BBQ sauce and caramelized in honey. Tasty snack to beer on a wooden Board for filing on dark concrete background. ribs tile food / Getty Images
photo Anne Braly

What will you be cooking over Labor Day weekend, as summer gives its last gasp and pool season starts to fade? While many will be firing up the grill for the last hurrah, make your Labor Day easy on yourself and turn on the oven. Yes, remember that appliance in your kitchen that has had a break over the last few months? It's time to let it get back to work making short ribs.

Short ribs are the answer when serving a crowd because they're less expensive than steak and really hard to mess up. They are tender, have a nice flavor profile and look good on a plate if you buy short ribs with the bones intact.