Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport sets new passenger records

Fliers at Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport stand at the Delta Air Lines ticketing counter. A new study will look at infrastructure, economic development and neighborhood needs around the airport.


Chattanooga Airport in 2018 posted its fifth consecutive year of record passenger boardings:* 2018 - 504,298* 2017 - 484,517* 2016 - 419,059* 2015 - 392,139* 2014 - 352,459Source: Chattanooga Airport

Chattanooga Airport in 2018 set new records for passenger boardings and total traffic - topping 1 million commercial airline users - as it benefits from the city's growing economy and more flights, officials say.

Passenger boardings hit 504,298 last year, the first time ever over a half million, up 4.08 percent from 2017. Total inbound and outbound traffic in 2018 soared to 1,002,414 passengers, according to the airport.

"When you look at our growth, it ties into all the economic growth in the region," said airport Chief Executive Officer Terry Hart at a meeting of the Airport Authority on Friday.