Side Orders: Fruited tea serves up springtime in a glass

Anne Braly
photo Anne Braly

A tall glass of fruit tea is the perfect way to welcome the warming months of spring.

Southern tea is a classic, there's no doubt. But add fruit juices and garnish with a luscious red strawberry or piece of fresh pineapple, along with, naturally, a sprig of mint, and it's springtime in a glass. Nothing is more refreshing.

Most recipes for fruited teas include some combination of orange, pineapple and lemon juices, though, as always, there are many variations. My favorite recipe is no different, though I love to add a shot of maraschino cherry juice to augment the flavor. The cherries also make a lovely garnish when skewered on a toothpick along with that de rigueur sprig of mint or a slice of fresh fruit.