Fort Oglethorpe vet cautions pet owners about the heat

Dr. Joe Martin and his staff at Fort Oglethorpe Pet Wellness Center recommend pet owners always have water on hand with the rising temperatures. / Staff photo by Davis Lundy

It was 94 degrees outside Dr. Joe Martin's veterinarian practice in Fort Oglethorpe on May 29, the 10th straight day of temperatures in the 90s. The string of high heat for May would break with a high of 89 degrees the next day.

"It's too hot for May," said Martin, who opened Fort Oglethorpe Pet Wellness Center in January 2017. "If people have trouble adjusting to it, so is your pet."

Martin hopes the quick arrival of summer temperatures causes pet owners to consider the impact of heat on their pets, especially dogs who play or live outside.

There is no national clearinghouse for the number of household pets that die from heat stroke annually, but the number is in the hundreds, according to Martin believes the number is higher.

"We hear about dogs left in cars who die, because they end up on the news," said Martin, "but there are more that we never hear about.