You might be shocked at what drivers in Tennessee, Alabama say is their 'dream car.' Hint: It's not a Tesla

Photos by Mark Kennedy / The modern interior provides high-tech comfort.


* Model: 2019 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk 4X4

* Exterior color: Hydro Blue Pearl

* Interior color: Black

* Engine: 3.2-liter, V-6

* Horsepower: 271

* Transmission: 9-speed automatic

* Fuel economy: 24 mpg highway, 18 mpg city

* Local Dealer: Crown Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram (2120 Chapman Road)

* Price (as tested): about $39,025

A couple of weeks ago, I saw a map of the United States that had been color-coded to indicate each state's

The No. 1 "dream car" nationally - insert drum-roll here - was the sleek and nearly silent Tesla Model S.But not in Tennessee.No. No. No.For more Tennesseans, their dream "car" was a Jeep Wrangler SUV.