Our Tennessee Valley Authority is more than just an energy provider

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The Tennessee Valley Authority has been making a difference since the 1930s when the agency began its work to tame a river and spread prosperity to one of the poorest regions in the nation.

TVA's august story began during the Great Depression. The Depression reached desperate levels with the country's economic future uncertain. In the first 100 days of his presidency, Franklin D. Roosevelt took bold action, signing the New Deal into effect. The TVA Act, a program resulting from the New Deal, received its signature on May 18, 1933.

The TVA Act outlined TVA's role in the Tennessee Valley: to improve navigability and flood control over the Tennessee River, reforestation efforts and agricultural and industrial development in the Valley.

TVA remains a corporate agency of the U.S. government, providing electricity for businesses and local power companies, serving more than 10 million consumers across seven southeastern states: Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.