20 Under 40: Justin Calvert

Staff photo by Troy Stolt / Justin Calvert

Justin Calvert, 39

Chief and Chairman of Radiology, Erlanger Health System; Co-founder, Tennessee Interventional and Imaging Associates PLLC; Founding member, LifeBridge physician wellness program; Member, Erlanger Medical Executive Committee; Graduate, Tennessee Medical Association Leadership Lab and Leadership Immersion courses; Past president, Chattanooga-Hamilton County Medical Society

Mantra: #stayhealthybutdon'tbeneuroticorannoyingaboutit

Quarantine projects: Get in better cardiovascular shape, read more books, cultivate a closer relationship with my partner, learn how to Zoom and complete a full bathroom renovation/makeover.

What motivates you? A closed door, a goal that at first seems unattainable. Where can I find that key within myself to open it and barge in?!

One thing you couldn't live without? Mochi ice cream.

What's something you can't have in your house? Spiders.

What have you been most grateful for during the pandemic? My career and the leaders who have surrounded me at work.

How did the pandemic upend your routine? It forced me to be less social, more introspective and live a quieter life. I learned to embrace it.

How did you remain productive? I enjoy working from home and actually find myself more productive in a relaxed environment with less distractions. All radiologists in our group have home reading stations, so the pandemic forced our group to collaborate independently and challenged us to be more innovative technologically.

One thing you wish you'd known at the start of your career? Sometimes, perceived setbacks can be your biggest opportunities.

What do you credit for where you are today? My parents, who taught me by example what self-sacrifice really means and have always been my biggest fans; and my twin brother, who has always challenged me and reminded me to dig deeper and try harder.

What's your goal professionally? To find/make time to become a more active community servant.

What (else) did you want to be when you grew up? A contractor/architect.

Has the pandemic changed your outlook in any way? It has made me more appreciative of handshakes, hugs and casual gatherings with friends since this has been so absent from my life lately.

What's one thing about Chattanooga you'd change? I'm an avid boater, so more restaurants and venues on the water!